Are there any recordings of DL Moody?

This amazing audio recording is one of only two recordings that capture the voice of the famous 19th century evangelist DL Moody.

Is DL Moody still alive?

Deceased (1837–1899)
Dwight L. Moody/Living or Deceased

What was DL Moody denomination?

Moody left his mother’s farm at age 17 to work in Boston and there was converted from Unitarianism to evangelicalism.

Who is the wife of DL Moody?

Emma Revell Moodym. 1862–1899
Dwight L. Moody/Wife

How do I read the Bible by Moody?

Moody brings to light the necessity of studying the Scriptures, presents methods which help stimulate excitement for the Scriptures, and offers tools to help you comprehend the difficult passages in the Scriptures. To live a victorious Christian life, you must read and understand what God is saying to you.

Was DL Moody married?

Dwight L. Moody/Spouse

Was Dwight Moody a fundamentalist?

Darby’s writings became the primary source of inspiration for the second theologian to figure prominently in the birth of the fundamentalist movement, Dwight L. Moody. Moody is remembered as the first prominent American theologian to raise the banner of biblical inerrancy.

Was Dwight L Moody a Baptist?

In April 1855 Moody was converted to evangelical Christianity when his Sunday school teacher, Edward Kimball, talked to him about how much God loved him. His conversion sparked the start of his career as an evangelist.

Was Dwight L Moody married?

Who is Emma Moody?

Emma Moody is an actress from Denver, Colorado. Her passion for acting began at a very young age.

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    d20 (20-sided)

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