Are Renata 370 and 371 the same?

Yes, they are identical. I have replaced batteries in my watches that said 371 with 370 batteries. These are the same size.

What battery is equivalent to Renata 371?

Battery Cross Reference

Renata Eveready Maxell
370 370 SR920W
371 371 SR920SW
373 373 SR916SW
376 376 SR626W

What battery is the same as 392?

Battery SR41W
392 Watch Battery SR41W and equivalent button cell batteries – SR41W, SR41, SR736, SB-B1, 280-13, V392, D392, GP392, S736W, AG3, LR736.

What replaces a 390 battery?

Energizer 390 battery equivalent: 280-24, 390, 603, D390, GS10, S24, SB-AU, SR1130, SR1130SW, SRI-BOSW, TR1130W, V390, WS-10 1138SO, SR54, D389, SP389, SR1130W, V389, 1159SO, D390, 390, SP390, SR1130SW, V390, 189, 1168A, LR54, D189A, 189-1, LR1130, V10GA, GP89A, L1131, V390, 534, 390, 603, SB-AU, 280-24, GP390, SR1130.

Where are Renata batteries made?

Renata hearing aid batteries are precision-made in Switzerland and Germany.

What battery replaces CR2016?

Watch Battery/Button Cell

Battery Voltage We Carry
2016 3.0 Energizer CR2016
2025 3.0 Energizer CR2025
2032 3.0 Energizer CR2032
2430 3.0 Energizer CR2430

What battery replaces SG3?

392 Battery is a direct replacement for SR41W, SR736, SB-B1, 280-13, K, V392, D392, 247D, S736E, AG3, AG-3, GP392, LR736, 392, 192, L736, G3, V3GA, LR41, SG3, ASG3, G3A, V36A, 92A, GP192, 392X, SR41, TR41SW, SR41SW, 247B, SP392, S736S, 392A, 392X, L736H, L736S, SR736PW, RW47, RW47S, GP392-A1, SR41, E392, LR41H, AG03 …

Is Energizer 392 an equivalent for LR41?

Energizer 392/384 Multi-Drain Battery SR41 Replaces LR41, 5 Pack.

Is AG10 same as 390?

AG10 Button Batteries also known as 389, 390, 189, L1130, LR1130, L1131, LR1131, LR54, D389 and D390.

Are 389 and 390 batteries the same?

A 344 battery is 1.55v 105mAh, but a 390 is 1.55v 80mAh, which, ok, but a 389 is the same as a 390 but is “high drain”.

Is Renata a good battery?

Renata batteries are the most reliable and last the longest too. They are also the battery of choice fitted by premier Swiss watch houses including Tag HEUER, Breitling, Chopard and even Rolex for their quartz collections.