Are precious moment dolls worth anything?

Sam Butcher hardly just crafted cute figurines. He also created the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, Missouri. Inspired by Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, Butcher designed and painted over 5,000 square feet of murals inside, all featuring Precious Moments characters. And yes, it’s exactly as amazing as it sounds.

What are the markings on Precious Moments?

The Authentic Meaning Behind The Precious Moments Annual Production Marks

  • 1981 Triangle. The triangle is a symbol of the Holy Trinity.
  • 1982 Hourglass. The hourglass symbol represents the time on Earth we have left to serve the Lord.
  • 1983 Fish.
  • 1984 Cross.
  • 1985 Dove.
  • 1986 Olive Branch.
  • 1987 Cedar Tree.
  • 1988 Flower.

Does Enesco still make Precious Moments?

Precious Moments Ambassador Of Goodwill He continued in this role even after the Precious Moments Company separated from Enesco in 2005. After his death, Precious Moments honored Gene Freedman’s contributions with a commemorative porcelain figurine entitled You Are Always In Our Hearts.

What does no mark mean on Precious Moments?

Missing Mark. Occasionally an item is missing its production mark. T. (1981)

How much can you sell Precious Moments for?

A few limited-edition Precious Moments collectibles, like this one signed by Precious Moments sculptor Hiko Maeda, can sell for a few hundred dollars on eBay, and other figurines from the peak of the Precious Moments craze, such as this 1981 musical figurine, “Silent Knight,” can still fetch more than $100.

Are Precious Moments worth anything without the box?

Although not a big factor in value, expect to lose between 5% and 20% of the value of a Precious Moments figurine if you are missing the original box. Note that box condition is less important than figurine condition.

Which Precious Moments figurines are rare?

“There really isn’t another stand-out I can think of that would be close to this price,” Paul said. In fact, before you get your hopes up too much, you should know that a lot of Precious Moments figurines aren’t worth very much at all. On eBay, many of them sell in the under $30 range.

Are Precious Moments still being manufactured?

Each year new Precious Moments figurines are produced and some are limited in production. Once those figurines are sold, the mold is retired and indefinitely withdrawn from production.

Which Precious Moments figurines are valuable?

While the value of each sculpture varies greatly, the most prized one has been valued at upward of $2,000. It’s called “God Loveth a Cheerful Giver,” and it depicts a girl and a wagon full of free puppies. A more common price for the figurine, based on recent eBay sales, is more like $200.

Is Sam Butcher married?

Sam Butcher
Other names Sam
Known for Precious Moments
Spouse(s) Kathie Yott Butcher (divorced) (deceased)
Children Jon Butcher Tammy Bearinger Deborah Butcher Phillip Butcher (deceased) Timothy Butcher (deceased) Donald Butcher Heather Butcher

What is the most valuable Precious Moments figurine?

Are Precious Moments worth reselling?

Retired selections of Precious Moments figurines are highly sought after, but without the proper method of advertising them, it’s unlikely you’ll successfully sell them for a fair price.