Are PJ Trailers good trailers?

Best trailer I’ve ever owned and I’ve had over 20 different brands. I, currently own 9 trailers and this is the best pulling by far! Their trailers are very heavy duty, and their warranty comes second to none! They will do everything they can to help you, I would recommend PJ to everyone!

How much weight can a PJ trailer hold?

6″ Channel Equipment (CC)

Deck Height: 25″
Couplers: Bumper Pull, Gooseneck & Pintle
Load Capacity: 11,480 – 20,780 lbs.
Axles: Tandem (2/3 x 5,200-8,000 lbs. Axle)
Tails Available: Straight Deck & Dovetail

How much does a 10 ft utility trailer weigh?

Utility trailers typically weigh about 700 pounds unloaded, but they can vary greatly – from 300 to 1,100 pounds – depending on the construction, width, features, number of axles and more. The type of trailer referred to here is an open utility trailer less than 10 feet long.

What size trailer do I need for a 60 inch lawn mower?

If your mower is a sixty inch mower you’ll want nothing smaller than a 6×12, most 6×12 trailers will measure about 76 to to 79 inches wide so it would give you the necessary room for the Exmark.

Where are PJ Trailers made?

PJ Trailers is headquartered in Paris, Texas, where its main production facilities are also located. The company sells trailers at over 250 dealerships and retail outlets in North America. The company also has a manufacturing facility in Mount Orab, Ohio and Mexico.

Are PJ Trailers powder coated?

We offer Black Powder Coat by Sherwin-Williams as our standard color on all PJ models at all PJ plants. Black is by far our most popular color choice and makes up over 90% of our production.

How much weight can a 6×10 dump trailer hold?

GVW: 14,000 lbs. Empty Trailer Weight: 3,200 lbs. Cargo Should Not Exceed: 10800 lbs.

Where are PJ dump trailers made?

What size truck do you need to pull a fifth wheel?

What kind of truck can pull a 5th wheel? You will definitely need a truck to tow your 5th wheel. A 1/2 ton truck is enough to pull an average sized fifth wheel but more RV owners prefer a 3/4 ton truck so that it is big enough for a bed-mounted hitch.

Do I need a tandem axle trailer?

If you are hauling a lot of low weight loads, need maneuverability and to keep your costs down, a single axle model is best. If you are putting some serious highway mileage on your trailer, hauling heavy payloads or are planning to expand your business, a tandem axle model is a better choice.

Will a 52 inch mower fit on a 5×8 trailer?

My question is will this mower fit on a 5 x 8 utility trailer. Thanks for all response . Well you have a 52″ deck and 5 feet is 60″ so yes it will fit but it’s not going to leave you a lot of room for anything else.

What size trailer do I need?

Compare cargo trailer sizes

Cargo trailer size* Weight limit (lbs.) What it fits
4 ft. x 8 ft. 1,600 Small personal items, boxes
5 ft. x 8 ft. 1,800 Twin beds, loveseats, small tables
5 ft. x 10 ft. 1,550 Queen-sized beds, couches, dining room furniture
6 ft. x 12 ft. 2,500 L-shaped couches, pianos, queen-sized beds

How big is a PJ ready rail utility trailer?

Utility Trailers PJ Utilities are designed with the potential to add many customizable options to fit your needs. The PJ Ready Rail® offers a variety of accessories to get the job done. From the 8’ single axle to the 22’ tandem, we outfit each Utility with premium materials and components that ensure years of quality service in the field.

How big is a tandem PJ trailer axle?

GVWR: 7,000 – 9,900 lbs. Axle: Tandem (2 x 3,500 – 5,200 lbs. Axles) Length: 16 – 22’ • Tilt Angle: 10º Deck Height: 24” • Deck Width: 83”

Where do they make PJ Trailers in Texas?

Supported by 300 independent PJ Trailers dealers across the U.S. and Canada and known for its versatile products, PJ Trailers manufactures multiple types of trailers to support a wide range of industries. PJ Trailers was established in 1991 in Texas and today has a manufacturing facility plus corporate office in Sumner, Texas,…

How big is a 2022 PJ dump trailer?

2022 PJ Trailers HD Low-Pro Dump (DE), Dump Trailer, Length: 16.00, Width: 6.92, Weight: 6750.00, GVWR: 20000.00, Pull Type: Gooseneck, 2022 PJ 82X16…