Are Monroe shock absorbers good quality?

Opting for a Monroe shock absorber is a good decision in most cases since this brand manufactures high-quality aftermarket shocks that perform much better than most factory shocks.

Where are Monroe shock absorbers manufactured?

The Paragould facility is the second largest plant in the Tenneco portfolio, which consists of more than 100 manufacturing operations and is the main manufacturing plant for Monroe aftermarket suspension in North America. Every year, millions of shocks are produced at the Paragould facility.

What company owns Monroe shocks?

Monroe shock absorbers, struts and other products are manufactured by Tenneco. Founded in 1916 in Monroe, Mich., by mechanic and entrepreneur August F. Meyer, the business that eventually became Monroe Auto Equipment Company initially manufactured tire pumps for the owners of early automobiles.

Are Monroe shocks made in Australia?

Monroe has been a proud Australian manufacturer for more than three decades in Adelaide (SA). Marketing has historically been a key strength of the Monroe brand in Australia as the company constantly solidifies its dominant market leadership in shock absorber replacement.

Is KYB better than Monroe?

Kyb Shocks & Struts are hands down the better option of the two because they provide a more stable ride and a better overall performance of your vehicle compared to Monroe, even though they are more expensive, we suggest you go with Kyb.

How long do Monroe shocks last?

Monroe Quick Struts typically last about 50,000 miles total when they work in perfect condition. As long as you maintain them consistently, you shouldn’t have to worry about them breaking down or malfunctioning anytime soon.

How long has Monroe shocks been around?

In 1926, the first Monroe® Shock Eliminator was introduced. By this time, Monroe was busy applying the technology of the single-barreled tire pump to a purpose no one else had yet envisioned: smoothing the ride for America’s drivers. In 1926, the first Monroe Shock Eliminator was introduced.

Who invented shock absorbers?

Frenchman Maurice Houdaille
Frenchman Maurice Houdaille is credited with inventing the first shock absorbers to take advantage of the excellent cushioning qualities of hydraulic fluid. He received his first patent in 1907, and his products eventually became standard equipment on the immensely popular Model A Ford in 1927.

Where is Monroe made?

Monroe is also known as one of the best suspension brands when it comes to looking for complete strut assembly. Their line-up of struts and shock absorbers are made in the USA and have been instilling confidence in drivers since 1992.

What shock absorbers are made in Australia?

KYB shock absorbers is distributed within Australia and have been engineered with specific valving for Australian conditions, achieving superior ride comfort and greater steering stability. All KYB aftermarket shock absorbers are manufactured using the same factories and technology as for OE.

Are Monroe struts made in China?

How many kms do shocks last?

Generally, your car’s shocks may need replacement much earlier than the abovementioned timeframes, depending on how you use your car. For this reason, a better measure of its useful life is the distance that your car has clicked. A good rule of thumb is to have your car shocks replaced every 80,000 kilometres.

When did Monroe shock absorbers go to international market?

The company went international in 1964 and in 1974, to better serve the expanding world market. Monroe purchased Unamuno, S.A., a leader in the Spanish shock absorber market, and MAP Auto Pecas S.A. in Brazil.

What makes Monroe reflex shock absorbers so good?

The design of Monroe Reflex has a refined valving system which maintains excellent vehicle stability and handling whilst delivering a high level of comfort for all vehicle occupants. This has been achieved by the introduction of Twin Disc Technology, a valving refinement that is present in both compression and rebound.

When was the first shock absorber made for a car?

From humble beginnings with the invention of the ‘Brisk Blast’ tyre pump in 1919, through to the development of the first original equipment passenger vehicle shock absorbers, Monroe has continued to lead the way in ride control component innovation and design.

When did Monroe shock absorbers become part of Tenneco?

Monroe became renowned as the world leader in both original equipment and aftermarket ride control, making shock absorbers for specialty vehicles from golf carts to high-speed railroad cars. In 1977, Monroe became part of Tenneco Inc. Tenneco’s many diversified and multinational resources allowed for new opportunities on a global scale.