Are Jasper Engines any good?

We have been using JASPER engines and transmission for about 8 years and find they are the most reliable and highest quality products on the market. I have been purchasing products from JASPER Engines and Transmissions for many years. They are everything they claim to be.

How much horsepower does a Jasper 350 engine have?

330 hp
Specs are for the 330 hp 350 Chevy with Vortec Style Head version Jasper Stock Performance Engine….Stock Performance Engines.

Displacement 355-358 Cubic Inches (5.7L)
Horsepower 333 @ 5400 rmp
Torque 374 ft. lbs. @ 3800 rpm
Max. Recommended RPM 5500
Compression Ratio 9.5:1

How much horsepower does a 383 crate motor have?

438 horsepower
The EFI 383 is rated at 438 horsepower and 443 lbs. -ft. of torque. Whichever engine you choose, you’ll get the dyno sheet to prove it makes what BluePrint says it will—and oftentimes, even more.

Where are Jasper Engines made?

Jasper, Indiana
Corporate and remanufacturing operations are located in Jasper, Indiana, where the company operates four remanufacturing facilities. Remanufacturing facilities are also located in Crawford County, Indiana (the site of a distribution center as well) and Willow Springs, Missouri.

What does a Jasper engine come with?

Your Jasper engine should come with a new radiator and other key support items.

What crate motor has the most horsepower?

Chevrolet today introduced the largest and most powerful crate engine in company history. The ZZ632/1000 naturally aspirated V8 engine produces 1004 horsepower and 876 pound-feet of torque.

Are crate motors new?

The good news is that Chevrolet agrees, which is why the company is announcing a new, one-thousand-and-four horsepower engine. That’s right, the newest big block crate motor from GM makes 1004 hp and 876 lb-ft of torque on pump gas. If you can get by with just 1004 hp, the ZZ632/1000 goes on sale in early 2022.

How much power can a 383 stroker make?

The 383 stroker engines have been reported to achieve 330 horsepower with 410 foot-pounds of Torque, 395 horsepower with 410 foot-pounds of Torque and 395 horsepower with 410 foot-pounds of Torque.

Why is it called a stroker engine?

As its name implies, a stroker is where we increase engine displacement by increasing piston stroke. When we increase stroke, we take the piston deeper in the cylinder bore, which increases displacement. The longer the stroke, the greater the fuel/air charge.

What color are Jasper Engines?

Engines are black-light inspected to assure there are no oil leaks. JASPER’s testing is one of the many ways we assure your satisfaction.

How long has Jasper Engines been in business?

JASPER® has been remanufacturing quality products since 1942 and today we are the nation’s largest remanufacturer of gas and diesel engines, transmissions, differentials, rear axle assemblies, air & fuel components, marine engines, sterndrives, performance engines, and electric motors.

What’s the warranty on a 383 stroker engine?

We’ve got you covered because our sales reps will help with a small block that fits your lifestyle and budget, and help with determining the right horsepower and torque to get the job done. Your shopping experience will be easy and helpful. All of our Chevy 383 stroker crate engines include a 5 year/50,000 mile warranty under 500 HP!

What is a Class II Jasper crate engine?

Finally, the “Class II” engine is for the serious performance minded person who needs power for a specific application. These crate engines receive additional machining to castings such as align boring, block deck surface machining and balancing of the rotating assembly.

What kind of sound does a 383 stroker make?

A 383 stroker for the everyday daily driver who wants a lopey cam sound, reliable for long distance, lots of torque, and is smooth. Throughout the years we’ve perfected a balance between a real aggressive choppy sound, still have reliability for daily driving, and take to the track for some fun.

What kind of engine does a Chevy sp383 have?

Engine Type: Chevy Small-Block V8 Displacement (cu. in.): 383 Bore x Stroke (in.): 4.000 x 3.800 Block (P/N 88962513): Cast-iron with 4-bolt main caps