Are ITP tires good?

The ITP tires are a perfect trail and mud combination. They look great, plow through the mud, and will pull your quad through nearly anything. They have excellent grip without losing traction and are great in heavy, wet snow. These good-looking tires have a nice, deep tread and provide great traction.

Where are ITP tires made?

Clinton, Tennessee
ITP tires are made in America — individually hand-crafted in Clinton, Tennessee. As supporters of American ingenuity and product quality, the ITP team is proud to be a part of locally built tires for worldwide customers.

Who makes ITP?

The Carlstar Group
The Carlstar Group is a global leader and manufacturer of original equipment and aftermarket specialty tires and wheels.

What are ITP wheels?

ITP is the largest ATV/UTV Aftermarket Tire and Wheel Source for our industry. They build tires and wheels for the toughest terrain. High Lifter carries a large selection of ITP Wheels.

What does ITP stand for in ATV tires?

It has a durable 6-ply design and rugged tread that digs in well. These are a little wider overall than a standard Holeshot and have a stiffer sidewall for added puncture resistance. Shop for ITP Holeshot HD Tires. Mammoth Mayhem.

What ATV tires are made in the USA?

ITP Tires. ITP UTV tires are proudly made in the USA! The ITP Terra Hook, Blackwater and Bajacross are among the toughest tires on the market today, perfect for harsh terrain, mud and rocks.

Are any UTV tires made in the USA?

Are ITP Mud Lite tires directional?

If you look at any of the Mud Lite tires, you get directional tread that digs into the mud, while also working very well as an all-terrain trail tire. Tread depth varies from ¾ to 1-1/8 inches deep.

What does ITP stand for?

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Are Sedona tires made in USA?

In 2006, an ambitious ATV product manufacturing company was established in the USA.