Are barbell rows good for lower back?

The Barbell Row primarily develops the pulling muscles of the back, which include the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboids, posterior deltoids and other small muscles that act on the shoulder blades and shoulder joint. The lower-back muscles and biceps also play important roles in the exercise.

How many barbell rows should I do?

Because it lends itself to training heavy, the bent-over barbell row is usually performed for sets of 6 to 12 reps, but it can be done for higher rep ranges to train the endurance of the lower back and core.

Where should you feel barbell rows?

The barbell bent-over row works the whole back. But the main muscles activated will be the latissimus dorsi (lats), the traps (both middle and lower), and the rear deltoids. If you execute the bent-over barbell row with proper form, you should mainly feel these areas of your back working as you pull the weight.

Where should you feel bent over rows?

Should barbell rows be strict?

Some coaches say to bend to 90 degrees and go as strict as possible, while others say a 45-degree bend is best as it allows the most weight to be used. First, people don’t like to do hard things.

Should I go heavy on barbell rows?

Use only as much weight as you can while maintaining a strong posture. That means your back should be flat and shouldn’t round forward. If your back is rounding forward, then you’re using too much weight. Remember: Your lower back is a key part of a barbell row, and it’s reaping a lot of the benefit from the move, too.

Will bent over rows build biceps?

You can use it to get big arms as well – this exercise works your biceps – but mainly it is one of the best back exercises. The bent over row can be performed with a barbell, dumbbells or, if you have some laying around at home or in the gym, kettlebells.

How many bent over rows should I do?

Are heavy bent over rows good?

The bent-over barbell row, specifically with a barbell, is one of the best strength- and muscle-building movements. It allows the lifter to use more weight relative to other rowing movements. It also recruits the forearm and biceps muscles, which leads to a stronger grip.

How strict should barbell rows be?

Where should you feel bent-over rows?

Is the bent over row good for your back?

Just because it’s an exercise doesn’t mean its good for you to be doing. Not all movement is good for a lower back injury. First, focus on your root cause and gradually introduce the weights back in. If the barbell bent over row is a staple in your program, listen up! Grip variations when doing the bent over row.

Why do I get sore after a bent over row?

If you’re getting sore primarily in your biceps after bent-over rows, you’re shortchanging your back of the stimulus it needs to grow. From the arms-extended position at the start of the row, pull the barbell in to your upper abdominal region.

What happens if you let your lower back round when rowing?

Letting it round squeezes your spinal discs, which can have devastating consequences. While overarching can cause its own issues and isn’t recommended, failing to hold the arch and letting your lower back round is the more common error. Rounding is unsafe, not to mention extremely inefficient for rowing maximal weights.

Which is the best row for back building?

Barbell rows are probably the single-best back builder, but they’re easy to get wrong. Avoid these 5 common technique errors and row to grow!