8 Common Psychology Hacks Guaranteed to Boost Your Sales

Nowadays, it is hard to stay competitive when countless eCommerce sites are launching everyday on the World Wide Web. Boosting eCommerce conversion has become the primary motive for every business owner.

You can corner the online market, if your website has fascinating features to turn the website visitors into paying customers. Moreover, people are more concerned about website security features and they access those websites that have good customer service.

Business credibility and user experience are looked after by people while doing online shopping. There are a few fascinating deals or secrets behind the success of famous websites that are rationalized below.

#1. Take Your Sales Commitments Seriously

Nowadays, Business owners show exciting pricing, discounts, provide coupons to customers while marketing campaign.

But, a few of them use hyperbole to fascinate new customers, and when customers do not find this commitment true, they easily get disappointed with the product and services. This dishonest behavior can ruin business credibility and reputation.

Thus, always be honest, approachable and straightforward with your business offers and sales from your homepage to your email campaigns.

#2. Develop A Sense Of Urgency

Transparency and honesty should be the first ethic for every business, but if the sense of urgency is created, it will not break the rules.

These days, the business owner create a sense of urgency to influence people to buy the product right now.

It might be either time-sensitive special offers or limited-edition products. The recent study shows that the sense of urgency works well in physiological hacks.

#3. Website Security Features

Today’s generation are more concerned about safe shopping then the past, as cyber crimes have been growing at a rapid rate for the last two decades. People likes to make purchases from websites that already have security features like SSL certificate. The SSL certificate protects user’s private data like Credit card number, user id and password from hackers and provides a secure communication guarantee to a web browser and a web server.

Get installed the Wildcard SSL Certificate on your eCommerce website to protect the primary domain as well as unlimited subdomains. The unlimited security with 256-bit encryption, economical price, high compatibility with most of the browsers and servers and user’s trusts are its features that ensure customers about their private data protection and persuade them for more shopping.

#4. Money Back Guarantee Offer

The more a business gives a guarantee, the more it gets customers. When a business gives a money back guarantee to their customers, it enhances customers’ trusts about a business product and services. Customers do not make purchases when there is a risk of their possible loss.

Thus, try to remove all the risks from the customer’s decision, they are more likely to buy from you, moreover demolish anything that could discourage customers from purchasing from you.

#5. Fewer Options, More Sales

This is the conventional concept that the more you demonstrate, the more you sell. But, nowadays the fewer choices you show on your product page, there is more likelihood of sales.

Customers get confused easily, when they find a number of choices for the same product and they leave the website. So, make sure to makeup the product pages in a way that the visitors will get fewer options to buy from. In this way, the customers do not get confused and make a buying decision instantly.

#6. Give Away Offers

Everyone likes to get free stuff. Try to provide give away to your web visitors so that they can visit your site again for exciting offers or to buy your product and services. The more you offer, the more you get, this belief is also true with the term of a business.

If it is possible, offer a sample of your new product, two-for-one offers, trial memberships and other reward-based incentives as a giveaway to your customers, it will help to enhance your business reliability and also augment your conversion rate.

#7. Decoy Pricing

May be your never heard about ‘Decoy Pricing’ term. This is the way to show the product pricing in a way that customers get a menu card with different priced dishes and they are more likely to choose the dish with medium price.

This is also called tiered pricing structures. This is a sale tact that pushes people toward the middle option – the one you actually desire them to purchase. Many eCommerce websites have leveraged this mental principle to make people buy what they want.

#8. Customer’s Voice In Ad Campaign

Advertisement on different media is a great way of product promotion and enhancing the conversion rate. But, when a customer’s voice is used in an ad campaign, it puts a marvelous impact on the conversion rates.

In this process, language or phrasing of customers is used in an ad to allure new customers toward the product. It is completely a new way of advertisement and a number of businesses have taken the advantage of Customer’s voice in improving their conversion rate.

Final Thoughts:

No business gets breakthrough success over a night. A lot of preparation, planning and investments are needed for establishing a brand.

Thus, do not hesitate to work hard on implementing these secrets on your website for improving your website conversion rate and brand reliability.