5 IoT Trends to Look Out For 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzz word in the technology industry. Earlier, it was a niche for startup companies. But, today it has become an evolving industry of its own. IoT has stretched out its wings on every scope of development. It connects everything on internet and plays a vital role in the exchange of data through cloud-connected sensors which help businesses to create a better world for all of us. Hence, if you are looking forward to IoT, let’s find out the top five trends that will make its way in 2019.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Will safeguard IoT

In 2018, IoT faced one of its biggest challenge. The ransomware attack turned the ticket payments and water services upside down. Security has been always a concern with IoT. So, in 2019 with more such attacks prediction, IoT is making is cyber attack proof with the help of Mobile Device Management (MDM). Samsung Knox, SOTI MobiControl, and VMware AirWatch are going play a important role in protecting the IoT devices. So MDM solutions and IoT devices are going to work hand in hand for better results.

IoT will ensure food health

You will be amazed to know that IoT can provide great insights about the food safety too. In 2019, it is expected to help food storage companies to measure the temperature and humidity in the food storage facilities. A hybrid cloud platform is created to sense the food conditions in storage facilities and control the temperature and humidity level.

AT&T and ndustrial.io is working together to develop these kind of sensors. There is more such development expected in the coming year where IoT will be used to gain more insights on food safety. Soon, companies will be able to use heating maps, warnings, and reports to see data on the temperature and environment in food storage facilities to ensure food safety.

IoT Data Will be on Sale

Infonomics is going to hit the market in 2019. It is the term under which IoT data will be sold out to the companies. An expert predicts this practice of selling the IoT data as one of the important aspect of many IoT systems by the year 2023. Appliance manufacturing companies will be selling this data at an additional cost.

It will not only help as the revenue generating trick but also give an idea of maintenance and IoT network management to its users. Hence, you can expect IoT data effects in the sales and marketing campaigns. Moreover, companies who flourish on the business of commission such as Couponobox will have great profit with IoT technology.

5G Will Rise and Shine

5G network is already the talk of the town. 5G will boost the IoT era with its agile and connectivity. Also, 5G will allow quick access to information. Hence, gathering data management will become easy and faster with the 5G era. Data analyzing will be effective and will be done real-time for quicker response on the data transmitted. IoT market will get significant boost with the 5G.

Smart Devices Will Increase

In 2019, IoT will help smart device become smarter and its production will increase. More smart devices will be manufactured with IoT sensors having efficient data processing and information exchange features. So, whether you belong to automotive, transportation, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing solutions industry, Smart devices will make your work much easier and better with data efficiency. Find Necessary Hi-Tech Smart Devices Easy on 4Prototypes.com


IoT will have a profound effect on everyone’s life. The day-to-day activities to the high-end task, nothing will be left untouched. IoT will evolve greatly boosting several businesses and creating a smarter lifestyle for everybody. Now, let’s find out how these trends will come out. With high hopes and good will tech companies are opting IoT driven technology for manufacturing devices and products.