5 Interesting Ways To Organize Your Workday With Less Hassle

Use Post-It Notes

When you think about staying organized the last thing you would probably consider is keeping little pieces of coloured paper all over your office or home. However, using post-it notes to remember tasks or to keep things organized in order of importance can make the process of multi-tasking and meeting deadlines a bit easier for those who thrive on visual cues. Dedicate a certain colour to a specific task or to the importance level of an assignment and place them in places that you will be sure to see them throughout the day. This could be on your computer screen, on your office door, or a specific board designed to hold all your reminders for the week. By doing this you are allowing your mind some release because you are able to dump all those due-dates and tasks onto paper rather than having to constantly remember them. Not only will this help relieve some stress, but it will also allow you to get a bit creative with how you choose to plan out your days.

Have A Place For Everything

Whether it’s on the floor, under your desk, on the kitchen counter, or in the bathroom—be sure to have a place for everything that you need to succeed. This place should be somewhere that you will remember and associate with that item so that you aren’t fumbling around every day looking for it or forgetting to put it away once you’re done. If you use a specific notebook to schedule your months in advance, then it should be kept near where you work so that it’s in arms reach and can be used to modify your plans at any moment. This also applies to life outside of work, such as cooking and cleaning supplies that will help you maintain an organized home for you mental and physical well-being. If your space is unkempt and cluttered, then what makes you think other aspects of your life won’t also be?

Invest In The Right Software

When it comes to maintaining order in your business ventures then you need to have the right software in order to ensure that everything remains organized and secure when dealing with clients and your own confidential business information. This can be through an efficient method of correspondence, such as Skype, or with a secure virtual data room for storing and sharing documents safely. However, it’s important to find the right virtual data room provider for your business because every one has it’s on specificities in features and service. Using the best software is key in helping you manage your day to day work life, especially if you work remotely or within a large company that has branches all over the world so that you can still stay connected with your team from any location.

Write A List And Stick To The Structure

Another quirky way to stay organized is to be very picky about the structure of your to-do lists. If you list tasks at random and start from the middle down or the bottom up, you won’t be prioritizing what really needs to get done first. Find a structure to your list that works best for you and your work day and stick to that structure as much as you can. Diverting from it can lead to disorganization and confusion, especially on already busy days. Start with the most important first or the most complicated last—it can be in any order that you choose, but it should reflect your capabilities when it comes to accomplishing these tasks for a successful day.

Start And End Your Days On A Good Note

Very often how you start your day will be how you spend it, so it’s important to start your day off on a good note. Avoid snoozing your alarm and give yourself time in the morning to have a good breakfast and prepare yourself for the day ahead. Similarly, ending your night right will also help your productivity and organization for the next day so be sure to go to bed at a reasonable time and give your mind the opportunity to shut off and fully rest.