These days, Android devices are a storehouse of confidential informations like pictures, videos, audios, documents, notes, chats, etc which the users don’t want to be accessed by the third party. The folder lock apps for android easily shield your private data from the prying eyes with a password and other security measures. If you are an Android user, check out these 5 best folder lock apps for enhanced protection of your device data, apps and media files.

1. Folder Lock

It is a wonderful application to protect files and data. The folder lock app comes with – ‘Photo Lock’ for securing photos; ‘Video Lock’ for securing videos; ‘Notes Lock’ for securing notes; ‘Gallery Lock Vault’ to secure gallery and ‘Apps lock’ to secure all applications from third party. It helps you set up security with PIN, password or primary access lock. It also helps you record voice and memos secretly, take private photos, create secured wallets to store your bank related data, cloud backup facility, data recovery feature, and various other additional features.

2. App Lock

This is one of the most popular folder lock apps for Android with a fan base of 400 million users. The application allows you to lock everything from Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat to SMS, Contacts, Emails, media files contacting photos, videos almost everything on your android device. The application features plenty of interesting themes and allows you to set lock through PIN and Password. It even locks your incoming locks from the third party and takes the selfie of intruders trying to access the app lock in your absence. The application apart from security comes with plenty of additional features and is very user-friendly.

3. Vaulty

Vaulty helps you lock your photos and videos in a private gallery created by the application. You need to give a PIN or text password to enable the password protection from Vaulty. Another best feature of the app is ‘Mug shot’ that capture the picture of the third party people who have tried to access Vaulty in your device. Next time when you open it, it shows you the picture instantly. Apart from security, the application supports Image zooming, editing, slideshow viewing, Picture and video renaming, and plenty of other interesting features. It also creates an automatic backup of all your pictures and videos.

4. Smart Lock

This application is great for protecting the Pictures, Media files, and Apps from your device. It helps you to set up the Lock with PIN, Pattern, Password and also Fingerprint. You can put a lock on each picture and media file with this app so that in your absence no one can have access to any of your device media content. However, unlike the above mentioned app, there is no backup facility provided by Smart Lock app. So, if you feel like formatting your android device, make sure you create a backup for all your pictures, videos, and application data.

5. LOCkit

It is another all-purpose folder security lock app for android. It offers complete protection on everything from Photos, videos, applications, privacy status, Google Play store, Incoming calls to all kinds of media files in your device. The application also creates a fake cover to hide your applications unlock screen, blocks junk notifications and even captures selfies of intruders trying to access your device. The application comes with plenty of free themes and allows you to set lock using invisible Patterns, PINs, and fingerprints. It is an excellent choice for all android users.