4 Myths Associated With Travel Insurance

Heading for a trip is always exciting. From planning your accommodation to booking your tickets, you have enough on your plate. While preparing for your journey, you must not avoid buying a travel insurance plan. When you are traveling, anything can go wrong such as you can lose your passport, your flight can get delayed, and you may get injured if you meet an accident. It is when a travel insurance plan plays an important role. A comprehensiveplan looks after all the things that may go wrong on the trip. Today, many insurerssuch as Bharti AXA General Insurance, Reliance General Insurance, and many more offer travel insurance plans. Travel insurance is of great help; hence, it is an essential buy in today’s time. Many travelers still overlook buying it because of the myths associated with it. They often consider it as an unnecessary expense and end up realizing its usefulness later on.

In this article, we will talk about the myths associated with travel insurance.

#Myth1: Everything will be fine on a trip

Nothing is ever certain in life. So, do not avoid this fact that anything can happen without warning. In your previous trips, you may not have experienced anything wrong. It can be your good luck. However, many other unforeseen events can disturb your trip. It is one of the most common myths.

#Myth 2: I can book travel insurance plan later

A lot of people think there is no need to buy travel insurance in advance. The purpose of this plan is to protect you against any unforeseen event that may occur. Some people think that any misfortune will make it difficult for you to continue the trip. Cancellation of a trip can waste your hard-earned money. You can get compensation if you have a travel insurance plan beforehand.

#Myth 3: The airline will reimburse the amount in case the flight is delayed or cancelled

If you miss your transit flight because your previous flight is delayed due to unforeseen events,the airline will not provide travel insurance coverage.Hence, it would help if you had an international travel insurance plan to overcome such situations. The travel insurance will give a specified sum or expenses incurred if your travel is delayed beyond 12 consecutive hours.

#Myth 4:Medical costs are cheaper abroad

This can be true for the natives of that country; but, it is costly to bear medical costs abroad. Hence, if you are traveling abroad, make sure to carry international travel insurance plan that can safeguard you in a foreign land.


A comprehensive travel insurance plan can take care of all the things that may cause difficulty. No matter for how many days you are traveling, having travel insuranceassists youin any type of emergency. With so many myths related to it, the only way to know them better is to update yourself with the right information.

With so many insurers offering travel insurance, it is essential to assess your needs. You can never expect what can go wrong on a trip. Therefore, having travel insurance is a must.