4 Common Mistakes to Avoid In Your Car Accident Settlement

The moment you involved in a car accident, you are in a vulnerable position; you are injured, your medical bills are piling up, you can’t go to work and sometimes even worse!

It is a horrifying event that causes pain, inconvenience, and financial losses! The trauma you experience in a car accident is enormous; over tons of pressure can shove you in multiple directions at once. Among having to get medical attention, sorting financial stress out, and looking for legal advice from the likes of these various Car accident lawyers in Daphne or other locations.

This is where most of you misinterpret the process of establishing the value of claims. Most people depend on insurance companies for compensation to pay for car repairs, lost income, medical bills, and other expenses.

Unfortunately, many people get to know that insurance companies are not actually there to help injured policyholders. Often, they deny claims or propose inadequate settlements to victims to protect their company’s profit margin.

This is where an attorney will help car accident victims hold the insurance companies accountable. Check out these common mistakes that can weaken your insurance claim

When suffering from a severe burn, a reputable burn injury lawyers can help heal wounds that are more than just skin deep. Unlike the minor burns that most of us are used to, severe burns can damage bodily functions that aren’t directly connected to the affected area.

Agreeing To a Quick Settlement

Severe car accidents often come with high medical bills over vehicle damage and lost income. This is where insurance companies play smart, knowing you are stressed. They offer car accident settlement in a way that looks good enough to take. As soon as you sign for the check, they close your file.

You need to remember that you might need physical or vocational rehab beyond medical treatment. You might undergo medical issues that need ongoing care. The expenses could be uncertain until you have fully recovered. So, make sure you don’t accept a quick settlement without considering future medical expenses.

Believing You Don’t Need a Lawyer

An insurance adjuster would tell you that you don’t have to hire a lawyer. This is one of the biggest mistakes you do. Having an experienced car accident injury attorney help you in the entire car accident settlement as well as insurance claim disputes and eliminates the insurance company’s benefit.

Accepting a Pre-Existing Condition Refusal

An insurer can claim that your injury was there prior to the car accident. Further, they can claim that you don’t owe an insurance claim for a ‘pre-existing condition.’

For instance, older drivers might suffer back injuries in car accidents; it is prevalent for insurers to claim the injury as “degenerative disk disease.” DDD is when changes occur in the disk of your spine and cause pain and discomfort to painful movement.

If you haven’t had back pain before the car accident and have a loss of mobility or back pain afterward, you deserve compensation for it or, perhaps, for exacerbation of a pre-existing condition.

So, make sure you don’t sign a medical release permitting an insurance company to search through your medical records glancing for pre-existing conditions and justifications to deny your claim.

Seeing a Doctor That Insurance Company Refers

The insurance company would recommend you to consult a doctor they have a good relationship with. The doctor will likely provide an analysis that pleases the insurance company.

However, if you consult your own doctor, you might be legally obligated to have a second medical opinion, which is called an “Independent Medical Examination.” An experienced attorney can ensure that you can select a fair and objective doctor.


Taking pictures is a crucial step to document your vehicle damage and subsequent injuries. They can look over the facts and guide you through the entire process. They will help you avoid the mistakes and maximize the chance of having compensation that you deserve!