Will there be a Winx Club season 6?

Ending. The sixth season of Winx Club premiered on September, 2013, on Nickelodeon, in the United States. The season consists of 26 episodes and concluded its run on November 22, 2015. Season 6 aired on Rai 2 in Italy from January 6, 2014 to August 4, 2014.

How did the Winx get their Sirenix?

In order for a fairy to earn Sirenix, they must find the Gem of Self-Confidence, the Gem of Empathy, and the Gem of Courage. After that, they need to activate the magic spring of Lake Roccaluce by using the Source of Sirenix.

When did Winx Club season 6 come out?

January 28, 2004
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How many episodes are in Winx Season 7?

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How Old Is Bloom in season 6?

When Bloom grew up and she turned 16 years old, her magical powers started manifesting themselves, giving her magical superhuman abilities.

Why is it called Bloomix?

The name “Bloomix” is derived from the word “bloom,” or from Bloom, the Fairy of the Dragon Flame, through whose intervention and power source made this form attainable to the Winx.

What was Tecna Sirenix wish?

Sirenix Wish Flora wished for all people on Earth to respect nature. Tecna wished for all people of Zenith to become connected to the Magic Dimension.

What was Aisha Sirenix wish?

revive Nereus
The Guardian grants Aisha’s wish to revive Nereus. In “Sirenix,” she and the other Guardians used their power to open the Sirenix Gate. In “Faraway Reflections,” Aisha called upon her to ask her where the Eye of Inspiration was. In “Battle for the Infinite Ocean,” she granted Aisha’s Sirenix wish to revive Nereus.

Is there a season 9 of Winx Club?

The Season 9 was confirmed by Rainbow S.r.l. in the Licensing Summit Online and its premiere will be in 2021. This season will have 52 episodes with 13 minutes.

Is Winx Club over?

Ending. The eighth season of Winx Club premiered on April 15, 2019, on Rai YoYo in Italy. The season consists of 26 episodes and concluded its run on September 17, 2019. The English episodes started airing on Nickelodeon Asia on January 8, 2020.

Who are blooms parents?


Who is Stella’s boyfriend in Winx Club?


Origin Solaria
Relationships Brandon (boyfriend)

When does season 6 of Winx Club come out?

Eventually, it returned to television on Nick Jr. on July 26, 2015, airing the current episodes as well as the remaining episodes. Season 6 concluded in the USA on November 22, 2015 and August 4, 2014 in Italy.

Where do the Winx go in the movie Winx Club?

The Winx travel through all the galaxies of the Magical Universe until they arrive in Lumenia, the most brilliant of all stars. A great mystery involving an old acquaintance of the Winx is endangering the brightness of all the stars.

Where does Aisha try to save Nex in Winx Club?

Aisha tries to save Nex in the depths of Andros, while the other Winx attempt to keep Obscurum and the Staryummies from absorbing Gorgol’s light. Error: please try again. Valtor decides to attack the star Hypsos, in the constellation Hydra, and the Winx set out on a new rescue mission.

Where do the Winx go to find the fourth Prime Star?

The Winx depart to Lynphea, the home world of Flora, where the fourth Prime Star is located. Darcy uses her illusions to take on the appearance of Flora’s sister, Miele. This way, she can get her hands on the Prime Star before the Winx. Error: please try again. The Winx go to Melody to find the fifth Prime Star.