Why is Bearbrick so expensive?

Why are they so exclusive? No one can exactly point to what has made Bearbrick so wildly popular among design aficionados. But two factors that certainly contributed to its exclusivity are the uniqueness of its design and limited-edition figures. A Bearbrick toy is like a blank slate on which anyone can draw anything.

How can you tell if a Bearbrick is real?

Material is the easiest sign to detect a fake Bearbrick figure. An authentic Bearbrick is mostly made of vinyl, but we have to mention that some series are made of wood, felt, metal, and glow-in-the-dark plastic. A genuine Bearbrick figure is made of hard and solid plastic and generally has a gloss finishing.

What is the most popular Bearbrick?

KAWS ‘Chomper’ Bearbrick (2003) Probably one of the most recognizable Bearbricks ever made, the ‘Chomper’ Bearbrick, was designed by KAWS and created in association with Japanese record label Avex’s annual summer concert, a-nation.

How do I invest in Bearbrick?

How to buy Bearbrick

  1. Go to Bearbrick’s official Rakuten store.
  2. Check the details of your item.
  3. Create an account with FROM JAPAN and copy and paste the URL of the item page into FROM JAPAN’s order page.
  4. Hit search and complete the price quote request form.
  5. Wait for your FROM JAPAN price quote.

How do I know if my Bearbrick dunks are legit?

The legitimate [email protected] SB Dunk Lows have their toe box looking thicker and more inflated than the fake pair’s toe box. Another flaw visible on the fake pair’s toe box is the curviness, because the fake pair has its toe box looking less curvy than the authentic pair’s toe box.

What is Bearbrick made of?

Most Bearbricks are comprised of hard plastic, but over time, different series have introduced different materials into the mix, including metal and wood. Regardless, the most common form of Bearbricks is made of plastic.

How can I buy Bearbrick from Japan to Malaysia?

Are Bearbricks popular?

That undeniable collectible toy. Over the past 21 years, Bearbricks has exploded in popularity and garnered much public affection. We witnessed a steady rise in demand for the toy and a surge especially in the past year when Covid-19 hit the world, making Bearbrick collection an increasingly expensive hobby.