Why do people bump threads?

In simple terms, it’s used when there has been no reply to a post and as such the message has disappeared from the thread onto another page. The user replies to the post with ‘bump’ to get it back to the top. It is known to stand for ‘bring up my post’ and alternatives are ‘refresh’ and ‘^’.

What does bumping mean in slang?

Most specifically, BUMP means to “Bring Up My Post.” Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere else where comments exist online, you might see someone posting the term and nothing else. Typically, this is followed by others posting the same, single word.

Can you bump your own thread?

Replying to a thread pushes the topic to the top of topic list. In other word, If you replied it, You are bumping it. The rules says that you can’t bump your own threads.

How do you bump a message?

By typing something new in a message such as “bump,” that message is moved back to the first page, to make sure it’s seen. It’s a good forum etiquette not to bump a post unless it’s been over a day without a reply or is several pages deep.

What is bumping on Facebook?

By “bumping” the post up in other users’ feeds, they’re ensuring that more of the group’s members will see it in their feeds, as opposed to having to search for it on the group’s page.

What does bump mean on Reddit?

6. 6 Comments sorted byBest. sneakfreak11. 1y. “Bring up my post”

What does it mean to bump into someone?

(bump into someone) to meet someone unexpectedly. I bumped into your mother at the supermarket. Synonyms and related words. To meet, or to introduce people.

What does bump stand for on Facebook?

What Does Bump Mean? In the traditional sense of the word, bumping means to knock or run into someone or something. When you bump a post, though, you push it to the top of the page, where it hopefully will be seen by more people. According to Urban Dictionary, “bump” may also be an acronym for “bring up my post.”

How do you bump a forum post?

A bump is a post meant to bring a topic in the Scratch forums to the top of the forum, thus creating more activity on the said topic. A bump is generally performed by posting the text “bump” in the wanted topic.

What is bump short for?


Acronym Definition
BUMP Bring Up My Post (messaging/BBSs)
BUMP Boston University Marine Program
BUMP Baby Under Manufacturing Process (maternity company; Los Angeles, CA)
BUMP Bicycle Use Master Plan (Canada)

What does 3 dots mean on Facebook friends?

Instead of typing a random word in the comments to follow the development of a post, simply click the three dots that you see in the upper right corner of any post. Then, simply click the option marked, “Turn on notifications for this post.” (It works the same for both mobile and desktop environments.)

What does bump at top of thread stack mean?

Bump, is “bumping” it to the top of the thread stack, even though the poster bumping may not have anything additional to say. Threads down the thread stack don’t get as much exposure, so sometimes timing is everything. A well placed ‘bump’ on a languishing thread can cause it to catch fire agian.

What does it mean to bump a thread on Facebook?

Some users may even post a message with only the word “bump” to indicate they are posting only to bump the thread to the top of the list where more users will see it. Vangie Beal is a freelance business and technology writer covering Internet technologies and online business since the late ’90s.

What does bump mean in a message post?

In online forums and other online discussion spaces bump is the word used to describe an action (e.g. a message post) so that a particular thread is returned to the top in the list of threads.

How to bump a thread on an internet forum?

To bump a thread on an Internet forum is to post a reply to it purely in order to raise the thread’s profile. This will typically return it to the top of the list of active threads.