Why did SJ Surya stop directing?

2007–2015: Career fluctuations. Following the positive reception he received on his acting with New and Anbe Aaruyire, Surya chose to take a break from directing and opted to act in films directed by other film makers.

What is the next movie of Ajith Kumar?

Ajith Kumar/Upcoming movies

Produced by Boney Kapoor, Valimai is written and directed by H Vinoth. Film producer Boney Kapoor on Wednesday announced that his upcoming film Valimai, starring South star Ajith Kumar, will release theatrically during the festival of Pongal in January 2022.

How old is SJ Surya?

53 years (July 20, 1968)
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Is there a movie called New?

New was simultaneously shot in Telugu as Naani with Mahesh Babu and Ameesha Patel. The movie’s plot is adapted from the 1988 Hollywood Tom Hanks starrer Big….New (film)

Cinematography K. V. Guhan
Edited by Anthony
Music by A. R. Rahman
Production company Annai Mary Madha Creations

How old is Vikram Tamil actor?

55 years (April 17, 1966)

Who is Ajith wife?

Shalinim. 2000
Ajith Kumar/Wife

Why is Ajith hair white?

Since Mankatha, barring Billa 2, Ajith sported his natural grey hair in all his movies. After more than five years, Ajith has coloured his grey hair presumably to play his character in the upcoming film Viswasam, which will be directed by Siva. Nor did he even try to conceal his grey hair, a clear sign of ageing.

Who is the wife of Suriya?

Jyothikam. 2006

Where can I see old?

WHERE TO WATCH OLD ON STREAMING: Old is now (finally) available to rent for $19.99 on demand. You can rent the film on platforms like iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Microsoft, and more.

Is there a call 2?

The Call 2 is a 2020 thriller recording starring Halle Berry and Kayla Marie Lee and directed by Brad Anderson it is scheduled for release on November 23, 2020.

Who is S.J Surya and what is his stage name?

S. Justin Selvaraj, known by his stage name S. J. Surya is an Indian film director, screenwriter, actor, music composer and producer who has worked in the Tamil, Telugu and Hindi film industries. He sought to become an actor but ended up directing, assisting Vasanth and Sabapathy.

Which is the first film of S.J.Suryah?

Suryah made his directorial debut with Vaali in 1999 whose success catapulted him to stardom. His other notable films include Kushi (2000), New (2004), Anbe Aaruyire (2005) and Isai (2015).

How many siblings does S.J.Suryah have?

S.J. Suryah was born in Vasudevanallur, Tenkasi district on 20 July 1968 to parents Sammanasu Pandian and Aanandham. He has two elder siblings, a brother Victor and a sister Selvi. Originally a Christian, Surya’s family converted to Hinduism during his childhood.

What kind of language does S.J.Suryah speak?

Suryah is multilingual, and can speak Tamil, English, Hindi and Telugu fluently. He is unmarried. After completing his schooling near his birthplace in Vasudevanallur near Sankarankovil in South Tamil Nadu, Surya moved to Chennai to complete a Physics degree at Loyola College.