Why did Palki leave d3?

Post which, two new faces have been already auditioned for the role of Kriya ( earlier played by Shakti), but the decision of who will play is not yet taken.” But confront the said actress with the same and a politically correct Shakti says,” I have decided to quit the show because I am going abroad for some specific …

What is the age of Vrushika Mehta?

27 years (February 18, 1994)
Vrushika Mehta/Age

Who does Rey end up with in Dil Dosti Dance?

Rey (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh) and Kriya perform their last romantic dance for DDLJ song where they act like Raj and Simran. Rey proposes Kriya but she refuses to accept his proposal.

How many episodes are there in Dil Dosti Dance?

Dil Dostii Dance 2010-2011/Number of episodes

How old is Shantanu?

30 years (March 7, 1991)
Shantanu Maheshwari/Age

Is Shantanu and Vrushika dating?

Shantanu Maheshwari: I am not dating Vrushika.

How does Dil Dosti dance start?

It showcases how this passion brings them together to form bonds of friendship and love. The story begins when Kria (Shakti Mohan) comes to Mumbai from Dehradun with her mother to study at St. Louis College, with a dream to become a dancer, which is a secret from her mom.

What happens at the end of Dil Dosti dance?

Kriya performs in the musical drama for the sake of the D3 team’s victory. Raj reveals to Rey that he and Kriya had pretended to be in a relationship. Finally, Rey and Kriya profess their love to each other, while Swayam and Sharon mend their relationship.

How does Dil Dosti Dance start?

Where can I watch starting episodes of Dil Dosti Dance?

Watch Dil Dostii Dance All Latest Episodes on Disney+ Hotstar.

Who is Shantanu wife?


Spouse Shantanu
Children Vyasa by Parashara Chitrangada by Shantanu Vichitravirya by Shantanu
Relatives Uparichara Vasu (Father) Adrika (Mother) Matsya (Twin-brother) Bhishma (Step-son)
Home Hastinapur

How did Vichitravirya died?

But after seven years he fell ill of consumption and could not be healed despite the efforts of his friends and physicians. Like his brother Chitrangada, he died childless.