Who Won Gold Cup 2009?

Mexico national football team
2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup/Champion

Who won the 2007 Gold Cup?

United States men’s national soccer team
2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup/Champion

How many Copa Oro has Mexico won?

eight times
Since the formation of the Gold Cup in 1991, the CONCACAF Championship has been won eight times by Mexico, seven times by the United States, and once by Canada. Runners-up include Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, and Jamaica.

Who won last Gold Cup?

Concacaf Gold Cup/Latest Champion

Who won 2013 Gold Cup?

United States
The 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup was the 12th CONCACAF Gold Cup competition and the 22nd CONCACAF regional championship overall in CONCACAF’s fifty years of existence….2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Tournament details
Champions United States (5th title)
Runners-up Panama
Tournament statistics
Matches played 25

Who has more Gold Cup Mexico or USA?

Two nations who have more Gold Cup titles than anyone else – Mexico have lifted the trophy eight times and the USA not too far behind with six.

Has USA ever won a Gold Cup?

The US has won six Gold Cups in 1991, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2013 and 2017.

Who won the Gold Cup 2005?

2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup/Champion

It was contested in the United States in July 2005. The United States emerged victorious in the final against an upstart Panama team led by tournament MVP Luis Tejada. After regulation and 30 minutes of extra time ended scoreless, the USA won 3-1 on penalties.

How many times has Mexico beat USA soccer?

The first match was played in 1934, and the teams have met 72 times, with Mexico leading the overall series 36–15–21 (W–D–L)….Mexico–United States soccer rivalry.

Most wins Mexico (36)
All-time series 36–15–21 (W–D–L) (Mexico)
Largest victory 12 September 1937 (MEX 7–2 USA)

How many times did USA win the Gold Cup?

How many international trophies does Mexico have?

sixteen World Cups
Mexico has qualified to sixteen World Cups and has qualified consecutively since 1994, making it one of six countries to do so.