Who was Tracy Chapman in a relationship with?

Although Chapman has never publicly disclosed her sexual orientation, during the mid-1990s she was in a relationship with writer Alice Walker. Chapman maintains a strong separation between her personal and professional life. “I have a public life that’s my work life and I have my personal life,” she said.

What was the name of Tracy Chapman’s fourth album?

Since then, Chapman has experienced further success with six more studio albums, which include her multi-platinum fourth album New Beginning, for which she won a fourth Grammy Award, for Best Rock Song, for its lead single “Give Me One Reason”.

When did Tracy Chapman sign with Elektra Records?

After Chapman graduated from Tufts in 1987, he helped her to sign a contract with Elektra Records. At Elektra, she released Tracy Chapman (1988). The album was critically acclaimed, and she began touring and building a fanbase.

How old was Tracy Chapman when she started singing?

Chapman was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She was raised by her mother who bought her music-loving three-year-old daughter a ukulele despite having little money. Chapman began playing the guitar and writing songs at age eight.

What are some of Tracy Chapman’s most famous songs?

Tracy Chapman (born March 30, 1964) is an American singer-songwriter, known for her hits ” Fast Car ” and ” Give Me One Reason “, along with other singles ” Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution “, ” Baby Can I Hold You “, ” Crossroads “, ” New Beginning “, and ” Telling Stories “.

When did Tracy Chapman tour the United States?

Chapman toured Europe and the United States in 2003 in support of her sixth album, Let It Rain (2002). To support her seventh studio album, Where You Live (2005), Chapman toured major U.S. cities in October and toured Europe over the remainder of the year.