Who took over Norwich and Peterborough Building Society?

Yorkshire Building Society
On 1st November 2011 N&P merged with Yorkshire Building Society, one of the largest Building Societies in the UK. Following the merger YBS Group retained the Norwich & Peterborough Building Society brand as a trading name and continued to offer a full range of financial products to new and existing customers.

Does Norwich and Peterborough still exist?

All current accounts with the Norwich and Peterborough building society will be closed, the brand abolished, and some branches closed. Owners Yorkshire Building Society (YBS), the UK’s second largest mutual, said it would close 28 N&P branches and 20 YBS branches this year.

How many Ybs branches are there?

178 branches
Our combined assets are now of over £30bn, 2.8m members and a network of 178 branches.

What happened to the N&P building society?

Norwich & Peterborough Building Society (or N&P) is a trading name of Yorkshire Building Society based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Remaining N&P branches closed on Friday 6 July 2018 and re-opened on Monday 9 July as YBS branches.

What happened to National and Provincial building society?

The National & Provincial Building Society was a mutual building society based in Bradford, England. On 5 August 1996, Abbey National took over the National & Provincial.

When did N&P close?

About 100,000 current accounts held with building society brand Norwich & Peterborough (N&P) are set to close by 31 August because the brand itself will cease to exist.

Are Yorkshire Building Society and Yorkshire Bank the same?

Yorkshire Building Society said it will warmly welcome any Yorkshire Bank customers who decide to jump ship once the bank changes its name to Virgin Money. Yorkshire Bank is to change its name to Virgin Money in late 2019 following parent company CYBG’s £1.7bn takeover of Virgin Money last year.

Are Chelsea and Yorkshire Building Society the same?

On 1st April 2010 Chelsea merged with Yorkshire Building Society, then the UK’s second largest building society. Following the merger Chelsea retained the Chelsea Building Society brands and continues to offer a full range of financial products to new and existing customers.

What are the disadvantages of building societies?


  • Building societies are not as secure as they have historically been. The choice of mutual is falling and failures have become more commonplace.
  • Many building societies have geographical restrictions.
  • Building societies often have a restricted choice of products.

What’s the difference between building society and bank?

As we said above building societies are mutual organisations. Banks are not, they are public companies and usually are listed on the stock market. This means they are run for the interests of their shareholders rather than their customers with a focus on making money for their investors.

Who is Yorkshire Building Society owned by?

The society also owns the Chelsea Building Society and Norwich and Peterborough Building Society, as well as Accord Mortgages and the savings business of Egg, which are referred to as the Yorkshire Building Society Group….Yorkshire Building Society.

Type Building society (mutual)
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