Who stars in McFarland USA?

Kevin Costner

McFarland, USA
Starring Kevin Costner Maria Bello Morgan Saylor
Cinematography Adam Arkapaw
Edited by David Coulson
Music by Antônio Pinto

Who did Thomas Valles marry from McFarland?

Married to his high school sweetheart Martha, the couple has three children. Today, he’s a motivational speaker. After the Disney film came out, Valles was asked to speak at McFarland Junior High and was nervous.19 hours ago

Where is Jose Cardenas now?

Cardenas, a staff sergeant in the Army, lives in Virginia Beach, Va., with his wife and daughter.

Who is Johnny Samaniego?

Johnny is portrayed as the football player in the movie that helps recruit Coach Whites state championship cross country team. In real life, Johnny was on the 1987 state championship cross country team and after receiving his degree, he returned to McFarland to take over Mr.

Why does Mr White leave Boise Idaho in 1987?

1987. Jim White, a high school teacher and football coach, has been fired from one job after another, as the desired end of getting people to do the right thing in his mind has not always justified his sometimes impetuous and spontaneous actions as the means.

Who is Sammy rosaldo in McFarland?

Danny Mora
Danny Mora: Sammy Rosaldo.

What is Thomas Valles doing now?

Today, Valles coaches girls cross country coach at McFarland and travels around to speak and share his story. He recently retired as a California State Correctional officer supervising adult males.

How old is Thomas Valles in McFarland USA?

Valles, 45, lives in McFarland and heads up the McFarland Track Club, a program for youth ages 8-18 that allows them to compete and train outside of school athletics. He works as a correctional officer at Kern Valley State Prison in Delano. “It’s a small community, just like Hanford,” he said.

Why does Coach White tell Danny Diaz that he is the anchor?

Why does Coach White tell Johnny Sameniego to make sure he recruits Thomas Valles? For his daughter. Why does Coach White tell Danny Diaz he is the anchor of the team? He makes him realize what he has to work for.

Who was David Diaz in McFarland?

White retired in 2002 after teaching in McFarland schools for 40 years and coaching for 25 years. McFarland, USA comes to theaters on Friday, February 20th. Go see it with your family! Fun fact: Rafael Martinez, who plays David Diaz in the movie, is one of my closest friends even to this day!

What number does Johnny wear in McFarland USA?

3. When Johnny Sameniego meets Coach White he tells him that he plays football. What number does Johnny wear? 4.

What is a picker in McFarland USA?

But as he quickly learns, he’s not cut out to be a “picker,” the boys’ word for workers who pick crops. Jim’s experience picking lettuce with his team members proves pivotal in terms of his arc.

Who are the actors in rules of engagement?

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification. Tommy Lee Jones. Colonel Hayes Hodges. Samuel L. Jackson. Colonel Terry Childers. Guy Pearce.

Where was the movie rules of engagement filmed?

Location shooting took place in Morocco, Nokesville, Virginia, Warrenton, Virginia (military base scenes), Hunting Island, South Carolina (Vietnam scenes), and Mount Washington, Virginia (Gen. Hodges’ estate scenes).

Where does Hodges go in rules of engagement?

With little time to prepare a defense, Hodges goes to Yemen, where witnesses and police claim that the Marines fired first on the unarmed crowd. Visiting the abandoned embassy and some of the wounded, he notices an undamaged security camera and scattered audio cassette tapes.

Who was the National Security Advisor in the rules of engagement?

U.S. National Security Advisor Bill Sokal pressures the military to court-martial Childers, hoping to salvage American relations in the Middle East by placing all blame for the incident on the colonel. Childers asks Hodges to serve as his defense attorney, and he reluctantly accepts.