Who owns Steve Jobs yacht Venus now?

Laurene Powell Jobs
The 78 metre Feadship Venus is now owned by Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, and is not available for charter. Luxury yacht Venus was commissioned by the late founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, in 2008 and continues to turn heads wherever she docks.

Where is Steve Jobs yacht Venus now?

The Brijuni islands lie in the Northern part of the Adriatic and are a beautiful collection of fourteen smaller islands which make up a protected National Park. The yacht Venus, rumoured to be worth between €100 – €120 million is now owned by his widow Laurene Powell Jobs.

Did Steve Jobs ever see his yacht?

Venus is a super yacht designed by Philippe Starck’s design company Ubik and built by Feadship for the entrepreneur Steve Jobs at a cost of €105 million. Jobs died in October 2011, a year before the yacht was unveiled….Venus (yacht)

Cayman Islands
Launched 28 October 2012
Christened 2012
In service 2012-present

Can you charter Steve Jobs yacht?

The yacht remains in the family, now owned by his widow Laurene Powell Jobs. Venus is entirely private and not available for charter.

Does Trump still own his yacht?

Following the 2020 US Presidential Election, BOAT dives into the archives to tell the full story of how Donald Trump bought the 86 metre Benetti superyacht Nabila and transformed her into Trump Princess. As a matter of fact, he has never owned a big boat before.

Who is Steve Jobs wife dating?

It turns out the youngest daughter of the late Steve Jobs and his widow Laurene Powell is dating singer Harry Hudson, 27. They each posted a series of loved-up photos on Instagram late last month, and the world is just catching on!

At what age did Steve Jobs get married?

Laurene Powell Jobs met Apple founder Steve Jobs when she was a 25-year-old student at Stanford Graduate School of Business. They married in 1991, and they were together until he died of pancreatic cancer in 2011.

Who inherited Steve Jobs wealth?

Powell Jobs
When Jobs died from cancer in 2011, his wife inherited his wealth, including stakes in Apple and The Walt Disney Company. The inheritance left Powell Jobs a billionaire. Her stake in Disney initially made her the company’s largest individual shareholder, but in 2017, she reduced her ownership to 4 per cent.

How much was Steve Jobs yacht Venus worth?

Written by: Nicholas James on November 29, 2018. Nearly $140 million dollars was arguably a small sum for Steve Jobs—who had an estimated $10.2 billion net worth before his death—to invest on a yacht meeting the Apple visionary’s high standards, but even more fascinating than Venus’ estimated worth is the story behind this sleek, modern vessel.

How much did the yacht Venus cost to build?

The luxury yacht Venus was built at Feadship for Apple founder Jobs. When the superyacht was delivered in 2012, it was rumored to have cost more than EUR 100 million. The yacht was designed by Jobs himself. Together with famous designer Philippe Starck. On delivery of the yacht, there was a legal dispute about payment.

How many bedrooms does Steve Jobs super yacht have?

In an interview with French Vanity Fair, Starck revealed that the super yacht contains six bedrooms and a system which allows communication between the kid’s living quarters in the front and the adult quarter in the back of the ship.

When did Steve Jobs call to design a boat?

In 2007, Jobs called to speak with Starck—known for his exquisite work on hotels, restaurants, and furniture — about designing a boat for him, but the Starck employee who answered the phone was oblivious to the importance of the call and merely took a message. “Can you imagine the aura of Jobs in 2007?”