Who Organised the first Islamic conference in Lahore 1974?

Background. The Second Islamic Summit Conference held from February 22-24, 1974 in Lahore was hosted by Pakistan and came to be known as the Lahore Summit. It was an extra ordinary summit that was held on the proposal of OIC Secretary General Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Which OIC summit was held in Pakistan in 1974?

OIC role in Pakistan-Bangladesh relationship It was under the pretext of the 2nd summit of OIC held in Lahore between 22–24 February 1974 that Pakistan recognised the former or ex-Eastern Pakistan as the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Pakistan had initially not invited Bangladesh to attend the summit.

When and where was the first meeting held of OIC?

The Organisation of the Islamic Conference was established by decision of the First Islamic Summit Conference held in Rabat on 22-25 September 1969, upon the reactions of the Islamic world provoked by the arson attack against Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is the third holiest site in Islam and located in Jerusalem under the …

How many conferences of OIC are held in Pakistan?

four type
the only country to have organized all the four type of conferences. Committee on Commercial and Economic Cooperation (COMCEC). Secretariat in Islamabad. It is functioning as the focal point of scientific and technological cooperation in the Muslim world.

When did Pakistan represent OIC?

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi represented Pakistan at the 47th session of the OIC in Niamey. Established in 1969, the OIC is the world’s second-largest inter-governmental organisation after the UN, with 57 member states spread across four continents. Pakistan is one of its founding members.

When did Pakistan recognize China?

1950 – Pakistan becomes the third non-communist country, and first Muslim one, to recognise the People’s Republic of China.

What is the old name of Madina?

The original name of the city before the advent of Islam was Yathrib (Arabic: يَثْرِب‎) and it is referred to by the same name in the Qur’an in Chapter 33, al-Ahzab (The Confederates).

What is the old name of OIC?

On 28 June 2011 during the 38th Council of Foreign Ministers meeting (CFM) in Astana, Kazakhstan, the organisation changed its name from Organisation of the Islamic Conference (Arabic: منظمة المؤتمر الإسلامي‎; French: Organisation de la Conférence Islamique) to its current name.