Who is Zippy the Pinhead based on?

Characters and story. Zippy’s original appearance was partly inspired by the microcephalic Schlitzie, from the film Freaks, which was enjoying something of a cult revival at the time, and P. T. Barnum’s sideshow performer Zip the Pinhead, who may not have been a microcephalic but was nevertheless billed as one.

Who created Zippy the Pinhead?

Bill Griffith
In 1971, Bill Griffith, who I’ve known since I was 17, created his classic comic strip “Zippy the Pinhead,” syndicated by King Features in more than 100 newspapers.

Who is Claude Funston?

Claude Funston is one of the main characters in this American comic strip by Bill Griffith. He is best known for his over-romanticized vision of himself, a relentless optimism, and a dark side thanks to his high hopes and dreams which continually die hard.

What is a human pinhead?

A pinhead is the head of a pin. Pinhead may also mean: Pinhead, a person with microcephaly.

Who coined the phrase Are we having fun yet?

Cartoonist Bill Griffith
In 1979, Cartoonist Bill Griffith coined the now-famous catch phrase: “Are we having fun yet?” One month into 2017 and that phrase fits oh-so-well.

How many Hellraiser comics are there?

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser Book Series (5 Books) So prepare your soul for an epic journey into horror from one of the medium’s greatest voices, and starring one of the medium’s greatest characters, in an unforgettable new chapter of Hellraiser.

Is Pinhead good or evil?

The third film radically altered the original concept, making Pinhead into a purely evil demon of chaos, explained by Pinhead losing the human, ‘orderly’, part of himself during the previous film. In this film, he goes by the title of “Engineer”, a name derived from the lead cenobite in Clive Barker’s original novella.

Why does Pinhead have pins in his head?

Rather than gold or jeweled pins, the character would have black iron nails decorating his head. In terms of lighting, Pinhead was designed so that shadows would swirl round his head.

What does Are you having fun yet mean?

A phrase used sarcastically or humorously when something is not as enjoyable as one had hoped it would be.

Is this the fun part Are we having fun yet?

Kate Burroughs : Is this the fun part? Are we having fun yet? Danny : [furiously at Jack] Now, dammit! I just told you my deepest fear!

Is Pinhead a good guy?

According to this definition, Pinhead is a villain. He even speaks to this neutral aspect of his character when he tells Kirsty that he and the other Cenobites are “Demons to some. Angels to others.” Therefore, an encounter with Pinhead is akin to being caught in a natural disaster—neither evil nor good.

Why does Pinhead have pins?

The use of nails and pins evolved out of one of Barker’s short stories called The Forbidden, which featured a board hammered with nails at specific intersections of laid out squares. This aesthetic would resurface for the Pinhead character years later.