Who is the mother of Fei Rune?

Nanobana Kinako originally came from the future. She married Asurei Rune, and had a son called Fei Rune. However, after Fei’s birth, she died. In order to protect Fei from Feida, Asurei brought back the young Kinako to his timeline, as Fei didn’t know who she was.

Who is tsurugi brother?

Tsurugi Yuuichi
Tsurugi Yuuichi ( 剣城 つるぎ 優一 ゆういち ) is one of the supporting characters in the Inazuma Eleven GO and Chrono Stone series. He is the elder brother of Tsurugi Kyousuke.

Is Shindo yo a first year?

Yo Shindo, also known as Grand, is minor character from My Hero Academia. He is a second-year student at Ketsubutsu Academy High School, and made his debut during the Provisional Licensing Exam.

Who is Shindou Takuto in Inazuma Eleven GO?

Shindou Takuto ( 神童 しんどう 拓人 たくと) is one of the main protagonists of the Inazuma Eleven GO series. He was a forward in the past, midfielder and also the captain for Raimon. After he got hospitalized, he decided that Matsukaze Tenma should become captain for Raimon.

Who is the creator of Inazuma Eleven GO?

Inazuma Eleven GO: Galaxy (イナズマイレブン GO ギャラクシー, Inazuma Irebun GO, lit. “Lightning Eleven GO”) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tenya Yabuno. It is based on the Level-5 video game series of the same title. The manga has been published by Shogakukan in CoroCoro Comic .

Who are the players in Inazuma Eleven Galaxy?

The best youth players from across the country are gathered as potential players on the team, but to the shock of the country, the people announced as players on the team are unheard of nobodies, with only exceptions being Raimon’s star players, Shindou Takuto, Tsurugi Kyousuke, and Matsukaze Tenma, the team captain.

How is Shindou Takuto still the same in Chrono Stone?

In Chrono Stone, his personality is still the same as in GO but now, he seems to be more determined to succeed his Keshin Armed and Mixi Max with Nobunaga when he was in the Sengoku Era. He also seems to be a little jealous as Shinsuke succeeded his Keshin Armed and he didn’t yet.