Who is Octanorm and what do they do?

THE PIONEER OF EXHIBITION CONSTRUCTION SYSTEMS As a quality leader in system components, OCTANORM has been developing and marketing technically sophisticated products in the field of exhibition construction, interior design, presentation, cleanroom and the object area for more than 50 years.

What do you need to know about Octanorm light box?

With easy to use silicone edge graphics and the innovative light box system made by OCTANORM. The solid suspension system with minimal components, but maximum span widths and loading capacity. Compatible with stage and event fittings. Individual walls, with panels or fabric. No tools.

What are the steps in the Octanorm manufacturing process?

Octanorm was developed based on the manufacturing process of the IVIG octagam®, which includes two dedicated virus reduction steps comprising Solvent/Detergent (S/D) treatment and pH 4 treatment. Another step the cold-ethanol fractionation contributes to the overall pathogen reduction.

Which is the best description of Octanorm immunoglobulin?

Octanorm contains ≥96% human IgG and is characterized by especially low concentrations of polymers and aggregates, IgA and IgM, a physiological osmolality along with a low isoagglutinin titer.

Do you need browser cookies to use Octanorm?

We at OCTANORM want you to have simply the best user experience when using our website. For some functions we use browser cookies, e.g. for displaying personalized content or for the sign in procedure. You must agree to the storage of browser cookies as some of these functions can not be used otherwise.

Who is the new CEO of Octanorm Germany?

GENERATION CHANGE – BENJAMIN BRUDER BECOMES NEW CEO. When Benjamin Bruder joined OCTANORM two years ago in 2019, no one knew what the following years would hold for the exhibition industry. In the beginning, Benjamin Bruder worked his way through all departments of our company and then focused on sales, marketing and our OSPI network.