Who is Funtime Cindy?

Funtime Cindy is one of the two funtime animatronics Emil made for fun that are not intended to be used in the Five Nights at Candy’s series, the other one being her male counterpart Funtime Candy.

Who is blank from FNaC?

Blank, also known as Blank the animatronic, is one of the three withered animatronics and an antagonist in Five Nights at Candy’s. Before the game was planned, Blank was a fan-made animatronic created by Emil Macko.

What does the Cat do in FNaC 3?

Monster Cat appears on Night 3 after playing his hide n’ seek game in the Night 2 minigame, just like Nightmare Freddy/Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. If not checked at this state, Monster Cat will jumpscare the player when they look under the bed to check on Monster Rat and ending the night.

Who is Mary Schmidt from FNAF?

Mary Schmidt is the main protagonist in Five Nights at Candy’s, The security guard at Candy’s Burger and Fries. She appears to work through all seven nights, (five depending on if the player chooses not to do the other nights.) She receives her paycheck on Night 5 and gets fired on Night 7, the Custom Night.

Who is forgotten candy?

Forgotten Candy will be the titular main antagonist of Five Nights at Candy’s 4. He’s an animatronic cat who, like the other animatronics wanders around the facility, he seems to be a scrapped version of Candy the Cat. He makes his appearance through a poster on the Null camera with a poster that shows him.

Will there be a five nights at Candy’s 4?

Game Engine An untitled Five Nights at Candy’s game (working title: Five Nights at Candy’s 4) is an upcoming fourth installment to the Five Nights at Candy’s series. It will feature a free Roaming.

Who is the purple guy in FNaC?

FNaC 1. Vinnie, like his normal counterpart in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, bears a white face, but unlike his counterpart, has a sad facial expression. He has dark purple lines down his mask, and blue blush cheeks, as opposed to the original’s red blush.

Who is shadow Bonnie?

RWQFSFASXC, better known as Shadow Bonnie, is a recurring antagonist in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. Shadow Bonnie is a dark form that haunts both the old and new Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, appearing in both FNaF 2 and FNaF 3. Shadow Bonnie takes the form of a silhouetted Toy Bonnie.

What is Monster Rat?

Monster Rat (Formerly known as “Nightmare Rat”) is a monstrous/nightmarish counterpart of the original Rat that appears in Five Nights at Candy’s 3 as one of two main antagonists.

How do you make Shadow Candy?

It introduces the elusive secret character, Shadow Candy. To access this night, the player must first go to the Extras, and then go to the The Rat in the Animatronics tab and zoom in his face. They then need to stay on The Rat’s tab, and wait. After a few seconds, a hidden screen will appear, with The Rat twitching.

Who is William Afton’s girlfriend?

Elizabeth Afton | Five Nights At Freddy’s Wiki | Fandom.

What kind of animatronic is Cindy the cat?

Cindy The Cat is a Cat Animatronic which was created after the FNaF 2 Animatronics were scrapped. Cindy has the same Tech and very similar appearance to the FNaF 2 Animatronics. Cindy has also a Criminal Data Base System so she can Scan adults for any hostile or Criminal Activity, if she does…

Who is Cindy the cat in five nights at Candy’s?

She serves as a major antagonist in Five Nights at Candy’s (and by extension, it’s 2019 remaster) and Five Nights at Candy’s 2 and a minor character in Five Nights at Candy’s 3. She is a cat animatronic from Candy’s Burgers and Fries. She is the twin sister of Candy the Cat .

Who is the female animatronic in five nights at Candy’s?

Cindy is the only female animatronic in the Five Nights at Candy’s trilogy. Alongside Candy, Cindy is one of the only two animatronics to be active on Night 1 of Five Nights at Candy’s. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

What are the colors of Cindy the cat?

Cindy in the Band is known as the “Backup Singer” and she also likes to Sing and Dance. The appearance for Cindy is that her colors are: purple, white and red.