Who is eligible for NJ well?

Eligible Participants

  • Active SHBP Members. Complete your necessary health screenings and activities and earn a $250 financial award!
  • Active SHBP Members enrolled in the NJ DIRECT/NJ DIRECT 2019 plans.
  • Retired SEHBP Members under age 65 and enrolled in NJ DIRECT ZERO.

What is Njehp program?

New Jersey Educators Health Plan The NJEHP is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan currently administered by Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon). NJ DIRECT10, and NJ DIRECT 15 will remain available for certain members of the SEHBP.

Do NJ teachers get health insurance when they retire?

The Retired Group of the State Health Benefits Pro- gram (SHBP) or School Employees’ Health Benefits Program (SEHBP) offers medical, prescription, and dental coverage to certain retiring members and their eligible dependents.

What is nj well?

NJWELL is a comprehensive program designed to help SHBP and SEHBP members and their covered spouses or partners improve their overall health and well-being. NJWELL will help you identify potential health risks and give you an opportunity to speak to a counselor or doctor about your ‘health indicators.

What is the difference between NJ Direct 10 and Njehp?

Using NJ DIRECT 10 premiums as the baseline, the NJEHP premiums for medical and prescription drug coverage will be 16.5% lower than the current year’s DIRECT 10 rates. For medical coverage only, an NJEHP family plan will carry an annual premium of $27,074 compared to the 2020 NJ DIRECT 10 rate of $31,850.

What is Chapter 44 NJ?

What is Chapter 44? A. On July 1, 2020, Governor Murphy signed P.L. 2020, Chapter 44 (S2273/A20), which will reduce the health care contributions for certain school employees who elect the newly created New Jersey Educators Health Plan (NJEHP) or the Garden State Health Plan (GSHP).

What is the average NJ teacher pension?

You qualify for full retirement benefits when you are age 65 or older with any amount of service years. For example, if you retire after 30 years of service with a final average salary of $62,000, you will receive $2,818 per month.

Can retired teachers substitute in NJ?

Members wishing to substitute in their current district must comply with the 180-day rule for their retirement to become bona fide. There can be no pre-arrangement of re-employment between the employer and the member prior to the completion of the 180-day period.

What is Chapter 44 NJ health benefits?

Chapter 44 overhauled the health benefit plans offered to school employees and augmented the cost-sharing structure between school districts and employees to be significantly less expensive for employees than contributions under Chapter 78.

What is NJ Direct 15?

NJ DIRECT HD1500 and NJ DIRECT HD4000 are High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) that combine a high deductible health plan with a health savings account (HSA). You are responsible for eligible medical and prescription expenses, up to the deductible.

What is the primary difference between Chapter 78 and Chapter 44?

Those districts found that changing the contribution rates from a percentage of the premium under Chapter 78 to a percentage of salary under Chapter 44, leading to a reduction in employee health insurance contributions which is greater than the health insurance cost decrease to the districts, resulted in a net cost …

What is a Chapter 44 deduction?

Chapter 44, which applies to boards of education participating in the School Employee Health Benefits Program (SEHBP), as well as non-participating districts, was passed with the goal of reducing costs for districts and employees by encouraging a shift to lower-cost insurance plans and reestablishing cost-sharing …

How does the njwell health benefit program work?

The School Employees’ Health Benefit Program (SEHBP) welcomes you to join NJWELL – a program designed to help actively employed members of the SEHBP live a healthy lifestyle. When you are healthier, everyone wins. You’ll feel better, you’ll have more energy for your family and your job, and you’ll typically require less costly health care.

How to maintain enrollment in the retiree wellness program?

Take your Health Assessment. To maintain enrollment in the SHBP Retiree Wellness Program, you must have a complete physical exam each calendar year you are enrolled in the program and submit an Annual Physician Certification each year to be received by Horizon BCBSNJ by December 31st. Need help?

Who is eligible for retired group SHBP in NJ?

Eligibility for Retired Group SHBP coverage is available to qualified retirees from the State including State colleges and universities, and Participating Local Government Employers, as determined by the State Health Benefits Program.

When do you become eligible for RWP in NJ?

If you retired from the State and earned 25 years of service after June 30, 2007, but before June 28, 2011, or retired on a Disability Retirement on or after August 1, 2007, but before June 28, 2011, you are eligible to enroll in the Retiree Wellness Program (RWP).