Who holds the world record for fastest clapper?

Bryan Bednarek
That’s because Bryan Bednarek, 23, is now recognized as the world’s fastest clapper. He set the record in this studio in February, and Guinness has now made it official. Bednarek executed 804 claps in just 60 seconds.

What is the world record for most claps in 30 seconds?

The most front to back hand claps in 30 seconds is 62 and was achieved by Amro Merei (Syrian Arab Republic), at WAFI, Dubai, UAE, on 25 October 2019. This record was achieved as part of a series of Guinness World Records LIVE events at WAFI Mall.

Who can clap loudest?

Give her a round of applause! Seven-year-old Martha Gibson officially has the world’s loudest clap. Her record breaking feat of clapping at 73 decibels has been confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records.

What are Billie Eilish’s Guinness World Records?

Eilish’s Grammy wins also broke the Guinness World Records for most consecutive Record of the Year award wins, first female artist to win the four big categories in one event, youngest Record of the Year winner, youngest Album of the Year winner, and youngest solo artist to win Album of the Year.

Who’s the fastest talker in the world?

John Moschitta Jr.
Woodmore was listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s fastest talker, a title which he held for five years, taking the helm from the previous record holder, John Moschitta Jr….

Steve Woodmore
Known for Being the fastest English speaker in the world

How many claps is the world record?

The most claps in a minute is 1,103, and was achieved by Eli Bishop (USA) at Southern Ground Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, on 27 February 2018. Eli decided to break this record because he has enjoyed seeing and being a part of the evolution of speed clapping.

What is the loudest snap ever?

The Guinness World Record for the loudest finger snap is 108 decibels by Bob Hatch in California, in 2000, which is considered comparable to a rock band loud.

Who is the fastest clapper in the world?

Bryan Bednarek set a Guinness World Record by clapping 804 times in one minute. 2:24 | 08/07/14. Meet the World’s Fastest Clapper. 00:00.

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