Who does Ritsuko like kids on the slope?

Ritsuko Mukae Kaoru fell in love with Ritsuko from the first moment they met and her involvement resulted in the very strong friendship of Sentarou and Kaoru. Within the beginning, the love between the two was one-sided on the part of Kaoru since Ritsuko was in love with her childhood friend Sentarou.

Are kids on the slope characters?

There are two main characters in the series, and they are best friends even though they make an odd couple. I feel that the two main characters are really well developed. You can see how the two of them grow up as characters as the story moves on.

How tall is sentaro?

Class: 1st Year Highschool Student Height: 193 cm 63 Sentaro is a wild 1styear high school student who meets incoming student Kaoru at Higashi High School.

What happens to Sentarou kawabuchi?

He is then raised by his uncle and aunt whom he regards as his father and mother. However, this story is untrue, as the priest at the chruch tells Karou more about Sentarou’s background after his disappearance. He states that Sentarou was abandoned at the church (thus the reason his birthday is on Christmas day.)

Where does Kids on the Slope take place?

Series creator Yuki Kodama based Kids on the Slope on her own experience of growing up in Sasebo, Nagasaki, where the series is set.

Will Kids on the Slope have a Season 2?

Though the last two volumes of the manga were crammed in the last episode of the show, it pretty much covers all 9 volumes that exist. From all of this, it seems pretty obvious that a season 2 was never meant to happen and it is safe to say that ‘Sakamichi no Apollon’ is going to be nothing but a one season wonder.

Is Kids on the Slope a good anime?

The anime adaptation of Kids on the Slope was acclaimed by critics, and was listed as among the best anime of 2012 by Anime News Network, among the best anime of the 2010s by IGN, Crunchyroll, and Thrillist, and among the best anime of all time by Paste.

What year is Kids on the Slope set in?

It’s the summer of 1966 and high school freshman Kaoru Nishimi is struggling to adjust to the latest of many moves in his young life, this time to his uncle’s home in the seaside town of Kyushu.

What kind of anime is Kids on the Slope?

Kids on the Slope

坂道のアポロン (Sakamichi no Aporon)
Genre Coming-of-age Romance Slice of life
Created by Yuki Kodama
Written by Yuki Kodama

Who created Kids on the Slope?

Yuki Kodama
Kids on the Slope/Creators

Will kids on the slope have a Season 2?

How does Sakamichi no Apollon end?

The manga ends with everyone meeting for a jam session on the island, listened to by Ritsuko who is pregnant with Kaoru’s child.