Who did Lise marry in Number the Stars?

Peter Neilsen
Lise had died in an accident two weeks before she was to marry Peter Neilsen.

Is Number the Stars a banned book?

Lowry received a letter explaining that her book had been banned at Taurus American College, in Taurus Turkey. This book takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1943, during WWII & the Holocaust.

How true is Number the Stars?

An interview with Lois Lowry reveals that the popular children’s novel Number the Stars was based on a true story of resistance to the Nazis. There, on a 1988 vacation, Lowry talked to her friend Annelise about her childhood experiences in wartime Denmark.

Who was in the coffin in Number the Stars?

Chapter X: Let Us Open the Casket. Uncle Henrik is about to depart for his boat, leaving the people gathered with the coffin. Present are an old man, a couple with a young baby, the Rosens, Peter Neilsen, Annemarie, and Mrs. Johansen.

What is in Lise’s trunk?

Family Ties. Lise died in an unfortunate accident shortly before her wedding. After she dies, her family doesn’t have the heart to get rid of her trousseau, the chest that contains her wedding dress and the linens she would have used in her new home.

Who was GF duckwitz Number the Stars?

G.F. Duckwitz is mentioned in the Afterword of Number the Stars. He is the real German officer who informed Denmark that the Nazis were coming to…

Is The Giver banned in schools?

Parents complained of violent and sexual passages, and the book was temporarily banned. In 1995, parents in Montana challenged the book due to infanticide and euthanasia, and the school required parental permission before reading it. After a long debate, the book was kept in the school.

Is The Giver banned in Canada?

The Giver, opens a new window by Lois Lowry Once he is assigned the role of Receiver, he begins to understand the cruel truth about his community. It has been banned or challenged for many reasons, including “occult themes,” “sexually explicit content” and “lewd and twisted” content.

Is Annemarie Johansen real?

Annemarie Johansen (1933-) was a Danish schoolgirl who helped save hundreds of Danish Jews during World War II.

How did Uncle Henrik hide the Rosens?

Because Annemarie was brave, Uncle Henrik agrees to explain to her how the Rosens escaped from Denmark. Uncle Henrik concealed Ellen, her family, and the other refugees in a secret compartment at the bottom of his boat. The handkerchief in the packet was soaked in a special drug intended to deceive the German dogs.

Who trips on the loose step in Chapter 12?

Mr. Rosen slips on the loose step outside the kitchen door, and Mama warns them to feel each step carefully with their feet to avoid tripping over roots or stones in the darkness.

What happened to Mrs Hirsch store?

She sends the girls to Mrs. Hirsch’s shop. When Annemarie, Kirsti and Ellen get there, however, the shop is closed. On the door hangs a sign written in German and labeled with a swastika.