Which was more popular The Closer or Major Crimes?

But “The Closer’s” audience did not tune out, and its spinoff even picked up some new fans along the way. “Major Crimes” premiered on TNT with 9.5 million viewers. It was the largest series premiere number a basic cable show had seen at the time, and up from “The Closer’s” series finale, which drew 9.1 million.

What is the difference between The Closer and Major Crimes?

Major Crimes is an American police procedural television series starring Mary McDonnell. It is a continuation spin-off of The Closer, set in the same police division, now headed by McDonnell’s character, Sharon Raydor. It premiered on TNT on August 13, 2012, following The Closer’s finale.

Did The Closer become Major Crimes?

More Stories by Kate Stanhope. TNT is closing the book on Major Crimes. A spinoff of The Closer, Major Crimes launched in 2012 following the former show’s series finale. The Closer, which starred Kyra Sedgwick in her Emmy-winning role, ran for seven seasons and became one of TNT’s biggest hits.

Why was Corey Reynolds not in Major Crimes?

Deadline reports that Reynolds declined the offer to return as Sgt. David Gabriel and has instead signed a talent holding deal with NBC. A native of Richmond, Reynolds was primarily known for his work in musical theatre prior to his seven seasons on The Closer.

Did Fritz and Brenda get divorced?

She is still married to Fritz and appears to have remained in Los Angeles rather than taking the Washington, DC job. Following Stroh’s death at the hands of Rusty Beck at the end of Major Crimes, Brenda is mentioned by Fritz to be having a hard time processing the news that her greatest nemesis is truly gone.

Why did Brenda leave The Closer?

At the end of The Closer, Brenda wants to capture Phillip Stroh. Fatefully, Stroh survives his injuries. She retires from the LAPD and accepts a new job as the Chief of the District Attorney’s Office’s Bureau of Investigation. While more administrative, she can still work in the field sometimes.

Does Kyra Sedgwick guest star on Major Crimes?

As first reported by TVLine, the upcoming sixth season of Major Crimes (premiering Tuesday, Oct. Ever since The Closer segued into the Mary McDonnell-led Major Crimes in the summer of 2012, “I had a deal with Kyra for three guest-starring episodes. But she’s been very busy,” Duff tells TVLine.

Did Brenda and Fritz divorce?

Washington, D.C. After joining the MPD, she became involved with her married boss, Will Pope. After refusing to leave his wife, Pope broke up with Brenda. However, he later divorced that wife to marry his next wife, Estelle. Thus, Fritz left D.C. for L.A. slightly before Brenda left D.C. for Atlanta.

What happened to Sgt Gabriel on The Closer?

In the end of The Closer, Gabriel is transferred to the D.A.’s Office’s Bureau of Investigation to act as liaison officer to the LAPD when Brenda Leigh Johnson becomes its Chief.

What happened to Fritz and Brenda on major crimes?

Brenda Leigh Johnson. Fritz and Brenda’s romance blossoms in Season 1 of The Closer and becomes more serious during Season 2 in which they decide to move in together in “Blue Blood” and later marry in “Double Blind”.

What happened to Chief Pope on The Closer?

When Delk suddenly dies, Pope is named Interim Chief, to the surprise of many. Pope seems to still harbor feelings for Johnson, and he acts jealous of her relationship with Fritz Howard….Will Pope.

Assistant Chief Will Pope
Last appearance “The Last Word”
Created by James Duff
Portrayed by J. K. Simmons
In-universe information

Who was the mole in the closer?

Detective Sergeant David Gabriel is a fictional character featured in TNT’s The Closer, portrayed by Corey Reynolds. Gabriel was a Sergeant in the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) Priority Homicide Division….David Gabriel.

Detective Sgt. David Gabriel
Occupation Police Officer

What’s the difference between Major Crimes and the closer?

But Major Crimes, which features almost all of The Closer ‘s supporting cast and is shot and edited similarly, picks up almost exactly where its predecessor leaves off.

Who are the actors in the TV series Major Crimes?

Series cast summary: Mary McDonnell Sharon Raydor 105 episodes, 2012-2018 Jonathan Del Arco Dr. Fernando Morales 69 episodes, 2012-2 Ransford Doherty Kendall 59 episodes, 2012-2017 Kathe Mazur D.D.A. Andrea Hobbs 55 episodes, 2012-20 Robert Gossett Russell Taylor 50 episodes, 2012-2016

When is the series finale of the closer?

The Closer ‘s series finale airs Monday at 9/8c on TNT. It will be immediately followed by Major Crimes at 10/9c.

How many episodes in Season 4 of Major Crimes?

Major Crimes. Major Convictions. Because of the show’s popularity and continuing positive ratings, season four was extended to twenty-three episodes, four more than any previous season. (Season one had just ten episodes, and seasons two and three had nineteen episodes each.)