Which stoves are DEFRA approved?

DEFRA Approved Stoves for Smoke Controlled Areas

  • Go Eco Plus 5kW Eco Design Ready Multi-Fuel / Wood Burning Stove.
  • Esse 150SE Multifuel / Wood Burning Stove.
  • Saltfire Peanut 5 Eco Design Ready Wood Burning Stove.
  • Saltfire Bignut 5 Eco Design Ready Wood Burning Stove.
  • ACR Oakdale Ecodesign Multi-Fuel & Wood Stove.

Do you have to have a DEFRA approved stove?

Do I need a DEFRA approved stove? The answer to this question is simple – if you live in a large city or an urban environment, the chances are that you will require a DEFRA approved wood burning or multi-fuel stove if you want to avoid a hefty £1,000 fine.

What makes a wood burning stove DEFRA approved?

Generally, a ‘Defra Approved’ stove has been modified by the manufacturer to limit the amount that it can be ‘closed down’ or in other words, by how much it can be starved of air which creates smoky combustion.

Do you need a register plate for my wood burner?

A register plate is a metal sheet that fits across the base of your chimney, just above where a stove would be installed. If byproducts from your wood burning stove or multi fuel stove are being exhausted straight into the chimney (and not into a flue inside the chimney), then you’ll need a register plate.

Are Lincsfire stoves DEFRA approved?

DEFRA Approved-This stove has been tested and approved to burn wood in smoke controlled zones.

How can I tell if my stove is DEFRA approved?

The Defra Approved Logo If you see a stove with this logo and Defra approved in the title or specification it will be an approved appliance for use in a smoke control area when burning approved fuels, ie. wood. Stoves that are Defra approved will sometimes have “SE” after their name, meaning smoke exempt.

What is the difference between a DEFRA approved stove?

Defra approved stoves have an adjustment to the top air vent which prevents you from closing it all the way. When you cut off the air supply to a stove, firewood stops burning efficiently and starts to smoulder and you get more smoke going up the chimney.

Are fire belly stoves DEFRA approved?

With a heat output of 5kw, the Firebelly FB Wood Burning Stove is Defra approved meaning it can be installed into properties within Smoke Controlled Areas safely and legally.

Do I need a register plate?

A Register Plate should always be fitted whenever a stove vents directly into the chimney (ie if the chimney is sound and there is no flue liner connected directly to the stove or stove pipe). The purpose of this register plate is to ensure no fumes, especially Carbon Monoxide, escapes back into the room.

Are Lincsfire stoves any good?

The burner is a great little stove, pumps out a lot of heat for its size, easy to clean and is perfect for our small cottage. Very good value for money too. Very impressed with both the product and the seller, would recommend this multifuel stove.

What is a Hetas approved stove?

HETAS is the independent UK body recognised by Government and essentially its remit is to ensure the safe installation, operation and maintenance of safe and efficient wood burning and multi fuel stoves and boiler stoves. The stoves on the list are not physically checked or tested in operation by Hetas either.

What does it mean when a stove is approved by DEFRA?

If you see a stove that has SE after its name or the DEFRA logo and the word “approved” then this means that you can fit these approved stoves in a smoke control area and legally burn wood. Stoves passed by DEFRA can be steel or cast iron and can burn wood or be multi fuel. What is Different in Design Terms?

Can a DEFRA approved wood burner burn coal?

DEFRA approved only applies to the burning of wood in a smoke control area, you can not burn normal coal on any DEFRA appliance however, you can burn smokeless coal/fuel.

Can you burn anthracite on a DEFRA stove?

DEFRA approval only applies to the burning of wood, you can not burn house coal or anthracite on any DEFRA appliance however smokeless coal is fine. Under the Clean Air Act, stoves have to pass tests to confirm that they are capable of burning authorised coal or other solid fuel, but can also cleanly burn seasoned or kiln-dried wood.

Can a stove liner be fitted with a DEFRA collar?

Note that a 5″ liner can be legally fitted to ANY stove, DEFRA certified or not, with a 5″ collar if (a) the manufacturer does not state otherwise and (b) only smokeless fuel is to burn within the stove. A 5″ liner can be very desirable or even necessary if a chimney requires lining but is very narrow or difficult.