Which one of the following books is written by Munshi Premchand?

Deliverance and Other Stories (India S.)

How many stories are written by Munshi Premchand?

He wrote over 300 short stories, 14 novels, essays, letters, plays & translations. 4. His children’s books such as Jangal ki Kahaniyan and Ram Charcha are among his renowned works.

Which is the first Hindi novel of Premchand?

Though best known for his works in Hindi, Premchand did not achieve complete fluency in that language until his middle years. His first major Hindi novel, Sevasadana (1918; “House of Service”), dealt with the problems of prostitution and moral corruption among the Indian middle class.

Which was the last story written by Premchand?

Godaan (The Gift of a Cow, 1936), Premchand’s last completed work, is generally accepted as his best novel, and is considered one of the finest Hindi novels.

Which is the incomplete novel written by Premchand?


Hindi title Urdu title Description
Gaban Ghaban
Karmabhoomi Maidan-e-Amal
Godaan English title: The Gift of a Cow. Themed around the socio economic deprivation as well as the exploitation of the village poor.
Mangalsootra (incomplete) Premchand completed only first four chapters (around 70 pages) of this novel.

Who gave Premchand his pen name?

The British collector at the time, ordered a raid on Premchand’s house, where around five hundred copies of Soz-e-Watan were burnt. Subsequently, Dhanpat Rai had to change his pseudonym from “Nawab Rai” to “Premchand”.

Who wrote Mangalsutra?

Biography. Munshi Premchand (Hindi: प्रेमचंद, Urdu: پریمچںد‎), whose original name was Dhanpat Rai Srivastava , was born on 31 July 1880, in village Lamahi near Varanasi, where his father was a clerk in the post office.

Who gave two rupees to Ghisu in?

Landlord Sahib
When the Landlord Sahib gave two rupees, then how could the village merchants and money-lenders have the nerve to refuse? Ghisu knew how to beat the drum of the landlord’s name. One gave two paisas, another gave four paisas. In an hour, Ghisu had collected the sum of five rupees in ready cash.

Which is the best short story by Munshi Premchand?

One of the most popular short stories by Munshi Premchand. Eidgah is a story imbued with kindness and love, is a classic piece of literature which has captivated several hearts since ages. A story about Hamid and her old grandmother begins on the morning of Eid, the festival of Muslims.

Why was Munshi Premchand given the name Munsi?

The title Munshi was given to him by his admirers in the honor of his quality and effective writing. He was a novel writer, story writer, dramatist, and also known as “Upanyas Samrat”. His works include more than a dozen novels, 250 short stories, several essays, and translations of famous literary works in Urdu and Hindi.

Who are the characters in Panch Parmeshwar by Munshi Premchand?

Panch Parmeshwar is a story of two childhood friends Jumman Sheikh and Algu Chaudhary. Jumman lives with his wife and aunt. Out of affection, Jumman’s aunt transfer her property in Jumman’s name. Unfortunately, the couple start mistreating the old lady. She demand for a pocket money to pay for her expenses but Jumman scoffs at her.

Who are the characters in Budhi Kaki by Munshi Premchand?

Budhi Kaki is an old lady who lives with her nephew (Buddhiram) and his wife (Roopa). Despite being ill-treated by her relatives, the lady keeps quiet. Her only weakness is food and she is served food on time. The nephew, Buddhiram, get his son engaged. On the auspicious day, the family holds a feast.