Which is the first Rajdhani Express in India?

Operated by the Indian Railways, Rajdhani, which means ‘the capital’, is an express passenger train service that runs between New Delhi and some of the biggest cities of various states. Introduced in 1st March, 1969, the first train ran from New Delhi to Howrah Station, Kolkata covering 1,445 km in 17 hours and 20 minutes.

When did Rajadhani Express start in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka Railways generates revenue by charging Blue Line a standard first-class fare per seat. Blue Line charges an additional premium on its passengers beyond the standard fare to provide its services. The Blue Line Company launched Rajadhani Express on 1 October 2011, with its first service on a Kandy intercity train.

Where was the derailment of the Rajdhani train?

On 25 June 2014, at least four passengers were killed and eight injured when the New Delhi-Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express derailed at Goldin Ganj station near Chapra in suspected sabotage by Maoists. The train was heading towards Dibrugarh.

How many people died in accident of Rajdhani Express?

There are currently 24 operational pairs of Rajdhani Express: On 9 September 2002, At least 130 people were killed in an accident when the Howrah New Delhi Rajdhani derailed near Rafiganj, which was reportedly due to sabotage by a local Maoist terrorist group, the Naxalites.


What is the average speed of Rajdhani train?

Rajdhani as the name suggests means “The Capital” and it connects the capital-New Delhi to all the other important cities and metros. It is a long distance train that runs at 130 kmph and at an average of 87 kmph. It was introduced in the year 1969.

Which is the shortest route of Rajdhani in India?

There are 24 Rajdhani trains connecting New Delhi and major cities across India. Jammu Rajdhani has the shortest route covering 582 km between Jammu Tawi and New Delhi Railway Station, while Thiruvananthapuram Rajdhani has longest route of 3149 km from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala to Hazrat Nizamuddin, South Delhi.

What kind of accommodation is available on Rajdhani train?

Almost all Rajdhani trains offer three classes of accommodation: First Class AC with 2- or 4-berth lockable bedrooms. AC 2-tier with open berths (bays of 4 berths + 2 berths on the other side of the corridor) with curtains for privacy AC 3-tier (bays of 6 berths + 2 berths on the side) with no curtains.