Which is the best fund to invest in India?

Top 10 Mutual Funds in India

  • Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund. Small Cap Funds. 21.59% 16.66% Invest.
  • Axis Bluechip Fund. Mid Cap Funds. 24.44% 18.49% Invest.
  • ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund. Mid Cap Funds. 19.39% 15.36% Invest.
  • SBI Bluechip Fund. MultiCap Funds. 21.93% 14.05% Invest.
  • SBI Flexicap Fund. Balanced Funds. 22.18% 15.02% Invest.

What is fund of funds in India?

A ‘Fund Of Funds’ (FOF) is an investment strategy of holding a portfolio of other investment funds rather than investing directly in stocks, bonds or other securities. An FOF Scheme of a primarily invests in the units of another Mutual Fund scheme.

Are Indian funds free?

Yes, investing in mutual funds through FundsIndia is absolutely free. There are no account opening charges, transaction or maintenance fees. These are paid out of the annual fund management fees of mutual funds.

What are the types of funds in India?

Debt Schemes

1 Overnight Funds
2 Liquid Funds
3 Ultra Short Duration Funds
4 Low Duration Funds
5 Money Market Funds

How is Tata Digital India Fund?

The Current Net Asset Value of the Tata Digital India Fund – Direct Plan as of 03 Nov 2021 is Rs 41.6296 for Growth option of its Direct plan. 2. Its trailing returns over different time periods are: 90.03% (1yr), 42.73% (3yr), 34.79% (5yr) and 27.54% (since launch).

Which mutual funds give highest return?

Here is the list of top 10 schemes:

  • Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund.
  • Kotak Standard Multicap Fund.
  • Axis Midcap Fund.
  • DSP Midcap Fund.
  • Axis Small Cap Fund.
  • SBI Small Cap Fund.
  • SBI Equity Hybrid Fund.
  • Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund.

Which fund of fund is best?

This is the most common type of fund of funds Mutual Funds available in the Market….

  • ICICI Prudential Advisor Series – Passive Strategy Fund.
  • ICICI Prudential Nifty Next 50 Index Fund.
  • IDBI Nifty Junior Index Fund.
  • UTI Nifty Index Fund.
  • ICICI Prudential Nifty Index Fund.
  • SBI Nifty Index Fund.
  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Index Fund.

Which is the best balanced fund?

Best Balanced Mutual Funds

  • HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund Direct Plan Growth Option.
  • Edelweiss Balanced Advantage Fund Direct Plan Growth.
  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Balanced Advantage Fund Direct Plan Growth Option.
  • Nippon India Balanced Advantage Fund Direct Growth Plan.
  • Baroda Dynamic Equity Fund Direct Growth.

Is FundsIndia safe?

There was no official response from Fundsindia when Moneycontrol tried to contact the new management. But one of the exiting founders assured that the platform was “absolutely safe and secure” and that there was no cause for mutual fund investors who route their money through the platform to worry.

Does FundsIndia take commission?

Opening an equity account with FundsIndia is absolutely free. FundsIndia charges a brokerage rate of Rs. 25 or 30 basis points (bps), i.e., 30 paise on every Rs. Service Tax: 15% (inclusive of 0.5% Swachh Bharat Cess + 0.5% Krishi Kalyan Cess) on the brokerage + sum of the above three charges.

Which type of fund is best?

The table below shows the best equity funds:

Mutual fund 5 Yr. Returns Rating
Quant Small Cap Fund – Direct Plan-Growth 23.71%
SBI Technology Opportunities Fund – Direct Plan – Growth 29.67% NA
PGIM India Midcap Opportunities Fund – Direct Plan – Growth 22.55%
Quant Infrastructure Fund – Direct Plan-Growth 23.98%

What is Blue Chip Fund?

Blue chip funds are equity mutual funds that invest in stocks of companies with large market capitalisation. These are well-established companies with a track record of performance over some time. Blue Chip is commonly used as a synonym for large cap funds.

What are the best mutual funds to invest in India?

There are many mutual funds in India. Some of the top Mutual Funds are SBI Mutual Fund, Reliance Mutual Fund, HDFC Mutual Fund, ICICI Prudential, Birla Sunlife , Quantum Mutual Fund, DSP Black Rock Mutual Fund, Franklyn India etc. Each fund runs a very wide range of mutual fund scheme, that investors can choose from.

Which are the best debt funds in India?

Nippon India Gilt Securities Fund. The fund primarily invests in debt securities issued by the Central and State governments to generate optimal risk-free returns.

  • SBI Magnum Medium Duration. It is a debt fund that predominantly invests in debt securities to generate decent returns in the medium term investment horizon,coupled with a moderate
  • Kotak Credit Risk Fund. An open-ended debt scheme that majorly invests in debt and money market instruments to deliver significant returns by taking a little high credit risk.
  • What are the different types of debt funds in India?

    Liquid Fund – which invests in money market instruments having a maturity of maximum 91 days.

  • Money Market Fund – which invests in money market instruments with a maximum maturity of 1 year.
  • Dynamic Bond Fund – which invests in debt instruments of varying maturities based on the interest rate regime.
  • What is the role of mutual funds in India?

    Mutual fund is an instrument of investing money . The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Mutual Fu nds) instruments’. A mutual fund is thus, a trust that pools the savings of a number of investors who share a common financial goal. Anybody with an investible surplus of as little as a few hundred rupees can invest in mutual funds.