Where should wall sconce candles be placed?

As a general rule of thumb, wall sconces are installed between 60”- 72” from the finished floor. Depending on the layout of your house, you can also install multiple fixtures down your hallway. When it comes to horizontal spacing, sconces are traditionally 6′ apart.

What are wall mounted candles called?

A sconce is a wall-mounted candle holder or light fixture. The hallway in your house might be lit by an electric sconce on the wall.

Are candle wall sconces safe?

As with any candles, it is important to use wall mount candle sconces safely to minimize any risk of fire or injury. Always use the proper hardware (generally provided) when mounting the sconce to the wall. Mount heavier, larger sconces on wall studs for security and stability.

What can I put in sconces besides candles?

What Can You Put In A Candle Holder Besides Candles?

  • Greenery and flowers.
  • Plants.
  • Bowls or dishes.
  • Decorative globes.

How high should you hang a wall sconce?

A good rule of thumb when hanging a wall sconce is to have the middle of the fixture sit 60 inches above the floor.

What is a scone candle?

Candle sconces are decor-defining wall hangings that add a touch of glamour, featuring a reserved space for your favorite votive, pillar, or tea light candles. You can capture the beauty of these classic wicked luminaries in your home with a stylish candle sconce.

How far away should sconces be from picture?

I find that the height of sconces can vary, based on where on the wall you are placing the sconces, but the width for how far away you hang the sconces from the painting should be no less than 6 inches and no more than a foot and a half away (also depending on how large the shade on the sconce is, if any).

How do I choose a wall sconce?

For up-light sconces, keep in mind that you want at least 12 inches but not more than 36 inches between the sconce and the ceiling. If a window or fireplace is centered on a wall, then place a sconce on either side centered on each wall.

How to choose Wall candle sconces?

Candle-Specific Sconces. Just as there are a variety of candle shapes and sizes,the sconces for them may be designed to hold one type of candle — for instance,you

  • Glass or No Glass. Some sconces are designed for use a glass chimney or housing for the candles.
  • Design.
  • Weight and Size.
  • What is a wall mounted candle holder called?

    A candlestick, chamberstick, or candelabrum is a holder for one or more candles, used for illumination, rituals, or decorative purposes. The name ‘candlestick’ derives from the fact that it is usually tall and stick-shaped. Candlesticks are also called candle holders.

    What is a candle wall holder?

    A votive holder is a small jar used to hold votive candles. Candlesticks can be simple or ornate, and are used to hold taller, thin tapered candles. These are more traditional decorations and often placed as centerpieces on dining room tables. You might also use a wall sconce as a candle holder.