Where is the CCTV tower located?


CCTV Headquarters
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Alternative names China Central Television Headquarters China Media Group (CMG) Office Block at Guanghua Road Central Chinese Television Tower
General information
Location East Third Ring Road Guanghua Road Beijing, China

Who designed the CCTV building in Beijing?

Rem Koolhaas
Office for Metropolitan ArchitectureOle Scheeren
CCTV Headquarters/Architecture firms

The new CCTV building will be able to broadcast 200 TV channels. The new CCTV headquarters was completed in time to broadcast the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The L-shaped high-rise towers were designed by Rem Koolhass and Ole Scheeren of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA).

When was the CCTV building built?

June 1, 2004
CCTV Headquarters/Constructions started

What is the architecture style of CCTV headquarters?

CCTV Headquarters/Architectural styles

Who designed CCTV building?

CCTV Headquarters/Architecture firms

How much did it cost to build the CCTV headquarters?

About 10,000 people will work in the building, which had an official construction budget of $795 million but has been reported to have cost at least $900 million.

What was the old name of Beijing?

The former name of Beijing is Beiping (Pei-p’ing; “Northern Peace”). The third Ming emperor gave it the new name of Beijing (“Northern Capital”) during the 15th century.

Why is Peking now called Beijing?

Westerners have over the years given their own names to Chinese cities, such as Peking for Beijing, taking their pronunciation from Cantonese (Hong Kong) rather than Mandarin. Thus the capital became “Beijing” rather than Peking, “Canton” became Guang zhou, etc.

How much did the CCTV building cost?

About 10,000 people will work in the building, which had an official construction budget of $795 million but has been reported to have cost at least $900 million. The building now comes alive at night. Rem Koolhaas leads a tour of the entry pavilion.

What do Chinese call Beijing?

City flowers

Chinese 北京
Hanyu Pinyin Běijīng
Postal Peking Peiping (1368–1403; 1928–1937; 1945–1949)
Literal meaning “Northern Capital”

What was Beijing’s old name?

When did OMA build the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing?

This past wednesday, OMA participated in the official construction completion ceremony for the China Central Television (CCTV) Headquarters in Beijing, which will start to be used later this year. Designed by OMA as a reinvention of the skyscraper as a loop, construction on the building began in 2004.

Who was the architect of the CCTV building in Beijing?

After Rem Koolhaas, the project’s architect — along with his former Beijing partner, Ole Scheeren — unveiled the design in 2003 he was pilloried by Western journalists for glorifying a propaganda organ of the Chinese government.

When was Koolhaas offered the CCTV Commission?

Mr. Koolhaas was offered the CCTV commission in late 2002, around the time he was invited to participate in redevelopment plans for ground zero in Lower Manhattan, and he immediately decided he could not take on both. “It was a matter of focus,” he said.

What did the Chinese critic say about the Koolhaas building?

Just when things got back on track after the fire, a Chinese critic published an article saying that the building’s contorted form, which frames an enormous void at its center, was modeled on a pornographic image of a naked woman on her hands and knees. The piece ignited a storm of negative press, forcing Mr. Koolhaas to issue a denial.