Where is LendKey located?

New York
Formerly private student lending solutions provider Fynanz, LendKey, located in New York and Ohio, offers cloud-based technology to provide the essential infrastructure for financial institutions or any party to quickly, securely, efficiently, and profitably lend to anyone else – from those offering loans directly to …

Is LendKey a bank?

The bottom line: LendKey is a marketplace that connects borrowers with private student loans and refinanced student loans from credit unions and community banks. Its loans are best for borrowers who prefer to work with these institutions, rather than a big bank.

Who owns LendKey?

Vince Passione
Vince Passione Vince is the founder and CEO of LendKey, the market’s most advanced lending platform and network, and a veteran technologist for financial services companies.

Does LendKey have a prepayment penalty?

Fees and penalties LendKey doesn’t charge application, origination or prepayment fees on either of its loan products.

Does Lendkey have an app?

It is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

When was Lendkey founded?

October 2007

Is Lendkey legit Reddit?

Overall, Lendly is a legit lender that offers legitimate loans that are backed by a legitimate bank.

How many employees does Lendkey have?

Company Growth (employees)

Employees (est.) (Oct 2021) 117
Website Visits (Mar 2021) 81.9 k

Does LendKey require cosigner?

The only federal student loans that require a cosigner or a good credit score are PLUS Loans. These loans are available to graduate students and to the parents of undergraduate students. Other loans, such as Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, are available without a credit check and without a cosigner.

Does Lendkey have a mobile app?

The app is free, and it’s available on all mobile operating systems, and for the Web. The app lets you enter credit card debt, bank accounts, rent, utilities, car payments, and student loan debt.

What happens if you don’t pay Lendly back?

Lendly mentions that since there are no early repayment penalties, you can pay off some of your loans to lower your loan amount. However, you may still have to pay some interest. Overall, your loan amount options are very limited with Lendly.

What does 99 to 199 APR mean?

ago. 99-199% is an insanely high APR. Are you looking at something like a payday loan? Like with any other loan, the interest paid will be less than 99-199% if you pay it off in less than a year. But 199% APR is more than 1/2 percent interest per day.