Where can you use Esso fuel cards?

In the UK, Esso Card™ has been bolstered with BP-Esso cross acceptance that means you can now use your Esso Card fuel card at Esso, BP and Shell service stations across the country.

How do you use Esso card on base?

Choose gas pump & fuel, put fuel into your vehicle. Take your green folder with your registration and ESSO card in it, as well as your ID. Make sure you know what pump number your on and go pay inside. When you get your receipt on the bottom it will say how many liters you have remaining for the month.

How does the Esso fuel card work?

To use your Price Privileges card, simply swipe it at the pump at participating Esso and Mobil stations or present it in-store before payment. Your receipt will show your instant fuel savings and the remaining balance on your Price Privileges card.

How do I refill my Esso card?

Add money to your ESSO fuel card using cash, check, Military Star card, debit or credit at AAFES gas stations and Expresses. You can also add money to your card at https://odin.aafes.com/esso or by calling the toll-free number at 08001819945.

Do Esso take fuel cards?

Access one of the UK’s biggest fuel station networks with Esso Card™ National. Accepted at Shell and BP as well as Esso, Esso Card™ boasts one of the fastest growing networks in the UK. Even better, the number of acceptance fuel stations is still growing!

Do Esso accept fast fuel cards?

The Texaco fuel card, known as Fastfuel, is the ideal fixed price fuel card for car and LCV fleets. Accessing over 3,000 sites, & accepted at many more, including Morrisons, Co-Op, Sainsburys and Tesco, plus some BP, Shell, Esso and independents.

Do you pump your own gas in Germany?

Gas stations are fairly simple. You simply drive up to the pump, select your fuel, and then fill your tank. You pay afterwards in the shop. I’ve only seen the pay-at-the-pump option once in all of Germany.

How do I use my fuel card?

A fuel card is like a credit card that makes it easy to pay for – and keep track of – your business fuel purchases. The fuel card is attached to an account, just like a credit card. When you fill up, you simply swipe your card and the cost of the fuel is charged to your account.

Where can you use fast fuel cards?

Can I use Esso fuel card at Tesco?

Esso Card™ fuel cards can be used at selected Esso Tesco Alliance service stations (look out for the Esso forecourt with a Tesco shop). We also offer the Supermarket fuel card which is specifically designed to be used at Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s sites.

What fuel cards do Esso take?

Accepted at Shell and BP as well as Esso, Esso Card™ boasts one of the fastest growing networks in the UK.

What do you need to know about the Esso card?

FUEL RATIONS & THE ESSO CARD The fuel-ration card allows AAFES and Esso to control rationed tax- and duty-free purchases of vehicle fuel, and is a must for military members stationed in Germany. Fuel Cards are required for all privately owned vehicles and for all U.S. Government non-tactical vehicles.

How does the Esso fuel ration card system work?

The fuel ration card system will flag and report all transactions that exceed monthly rations as customs violations. At an ESSO station, if a customer does not have enough fuel rations remaining to cover the transaction, the system will not approve the transaction.

How to access my Esso web page account?

Access to My ESSO Web Page Account Log in using your SSN, Identification # (for NATO), passport number (for Embassy and Consulate Personnel), or your Government Customer Identification Number (GCID). Tab over, select SSN, or other (for NATO), or passport (for Embassy and Consulate Personnel), or Unit (for GCID).

How can I transfer money from my Esso account to my car?

After you have received and activated a card for your vehicle, you will be able to access your account via https://odin.aafes.com/esso. Once you have logged into your active account, you will be able to make one-time transfers into your pre-paid account or set up recurring transfers from your bank account into your pre-paid account.