When can you fish at Fort Peck Reservoir?

Fishing At Fort Peck Lake Ice fishing in winter can be spectacular, due to relatively light fishing pressure. Major lake points and ledges near the river channel are ideal hangouts for quality fish, both in the warmer season and through the ice in winter.

Where can I fish in Fort Peck?

The Fort Peck Reservoir is 156 miles long with 15 hundred miles of shore line and 100’s of secluded bays. You can fish for days without seeing another boat. The shore lines are abundant with wildlife deer, elk and antelope just to name a few.

How many species of fish are in Fort Peck Reservoir?

46 different fish species
There are 46 different fish species that inhabit Fort Peck Reservoir, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Of these, FWP states 28 species are native to this stretch of the Missouri River system, including sauger and paddlefish.

How many acres is Fort Peck Lake?

245,000 acres
5. Fort Peck Lake, Montana. Boasting a 1,520-mile long shoreline that is longer than the entire coastline of California, Fort Peck Lake stretches 134 miles through central Montana, has a total capacity of 15,400,000 acre-feet, covers an area of approximately 245,000 acres, and has a maximum depth of 220 feet.

How deep is Fort Peck?

67 m
Fort Peck Lake/Max depth
About More than 50 different kinds of fish swim in Fort Peck Reservoir, Montana’s largest body of water. The lake is about 134 miles in length and has a maximum depth of 220 feet when full. There are over 1,520 miles of shoreline, longer than the California coast.

What kind of salmon are in Fort Peck Lake?

chinook salmon
One of two Pacific salmon species in Montana, the chinook salmon, was introduced into Fort Peck Reservoir during the 1980s in an effort to produce a trophy fishery. Like all Pacific salmon species, the chinook dies after spawning.

What would happen if Fort Peck Dam failure?

If the Fort Peck Dam ever fails, the danger wouldn’t be necessarily the water but rather what is in it by the time it reached Williston. The Bakken oil formation would be hit by the flood and with it, dozens of oil rigs would be swept up by the flood waters.

How many walleye can you keep in Montana?

Standard Regulations: Central District

Species Daily & Possession Limits
Salmon (Kokanee & Chinook) 10 daily and in possession
Sauger/Walleye 5 daily and 10 in possession
Shovelnose sturgeon 5 daily and in possession, none over 40 inches
Tiger muskellunge 1 daily and in possession, must be over 40 inches.

How many people died building Fort Peck?

The conditions were dangerous, the pay low, and housing inadequate. Over six long years, 50,000 workers faced risky and dangerous conditions in three shifts, 24 hours a day. Sixty men were killed during construction, six of whom are entombed deep in the dam following a massive landslide in 1938.

Can landlocked king salmon reproduce?

They’re also the only species of landlocked salmon in California that are able to successfully spawn on their own (in some locations). During the spawn, they’ll turn crimson with olive green heads.

Where to go fishing at Fort Peck Reservoir?

Click a feature on the map to view its details. There are three state recreation areas nearby, all located on the south side of the reservoir: Rock Creek, Hell Creek, and James Kipp. The reservoir yields good early summer and spring fishing for northern pike, walleye, and perch. Trolling is the prefe…

What’s the water level at Fort Peck Dam?

Since Fort Peck Dam was constructed in 1937, water levels have fluctuated annually. In drought years like in the late 1980s and mid-2000s, levels were very low for several years. As of June 21, 2021, the water level is at 2,233 ft above sea level, which is about 17 ft below the full pool of 2250 ft and six feet lower than on this date in 2020.

Is the lake trout bite still good in Fort Peck?

There is still a good, weather dependent bite available. The lake trout have moved up, even with the rough conditions. Neatly 40 mile an hour gusts made fishing tough, but we still put a couple good ones in the boat. We had multiple hits that just didn’t make it to the boat.

What’s the world record for walleye in Fort Peck?

Fort Peck Reservoir holds the world record for saugeye at 15.66 pounds, the co-world record for sauger at 8.75 pounds, the old state record for walleye at 16.63 pounds and current smallmouth bass record at 6.66 pounds.