What watch does Ray Mears wear?

Ray Mears Promaster Tough has given his name to the 7828-H09971TA, it being seen as he wore it often in his outdoor TV shows, as it was a titanium cased, bombproof, rugged, outdoor, watch. It was labelled Promaster, Tough.

Is citizen considered a luxury watch?

CITIZEN considers luxury not in terms of flashy or expensive decoration, but as elegant, intelligently designed products with a holistic respect for people and the planet.

How tough is the citizen promaster tough?

Never needs a battery. Caliber number E168. LumiNova is a registered trademark of NEMOTO & CO.,LTD. Test the extremes with the brand new CITIZEN Promaster Tough series….Watch Information.

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Citizen
Movement Quartz
Water resistant depth 200 Meters

Is Citizen watch famous?

Now, Citizen is much more than a single watch brand. It has become a horological powerhouse. They bought numerous watch brands including the immensely popular Bulova and Alpina. As a result, Citizen is now one of the highest-selling watch companies in the world.

Where can I watch Ray Mears?


What are the toughest watches?

The Top 8 Toughest Watches To Consider – The Buying Guide

  • G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 Series.
  • G-Shock Frogman GWF-D1000 Series.
  • G-Shock GXW-56 Series.
  • Marathon Search and Rescue TSAR Military Divers.
  • Luminox Sea ANU Chrono 4240 Series.
  • Timex Expedition Gallatin.
  • Casio Protrek PRW-7000 Series.
  • Suunto Traverse Alpha Series.

What watches do millionaires wear?

Powerful Hand: Watches Worn by the Forbes Billionaires and the Highest-Paid Athletes

  1. ROLEX GMT MASTER II ORIGINAL DIAMONDS. Rolex GMT Master II Original Diamonds.
  3. RICHARD MILLE RM 052-01.

Are Citizen watches durable?

When it comes to quality, the Citizen brand has been known to make watches that will tick for well over 20 years. If that wasn’t proof enough, every watch sold is covered by a 5-year warranty. Citizen watches for men are exceptional time pieces that can stand the test of time.

What is Eco-Drive on Citizen watch?

Powered by Light We named the technology Eco-Drive in acknowledgement of its eco-friendly origins. It converts any kind of light into energy to power a watch and stores the surplus on a power cell. On a full charge, an Eco-Drive watch runs for months even in darkness with no need for regular battery replacement.

Is Citizen Swiss made?

Citizen is one of the most vertically integrated manufactures in the world. They make all the components in-house in Japan. The only exception is the movements used in some Campagnola watches are made by La Joux Perret, a company which Citizen owns, and which manufactures out of Switzerland.

What happened to Ray Mears?

While filming a documentary in Wyoming, US in 2005, Mears was involved in a serious accident. The helicopter in which he and his camera crew were travelling hit the ground during a steep low level turn, and broke apart, rolling to a stop.

Is the Citizen Promaster tough Ray Mears the original model?

Now, before the local “Citizen”ry get all up in arms about calling this piece the Citizen Promaster Tough Ray Mears, I know that this watch is just the latest in a line of Eco-Drive Promaster Tough models and isn’t the original model as worn by one Ray Mears. Still, the nickname lives on and I’m going to go ahead and use it.

What kind of Watch is the Ray Mears?

This particular timepiece has been lauded by some as the greatest explorers watch of all time; a lofty title for sure, but not without merit. The model in question is a rare early issue Citizen Pro-Master Tough, or as its colloquially known “ The Ray Mears ”.

What was the name of the Ray Mears ProMaster tough?

PMU56-2377 and PMU56-2487 in the above image under personal data refer to the Mount Cook version. Ray Mears Promaster Tough has given his name to the 7828-H09971TA, it being seen as he wore it often in his outdoor TV shows, as it was a titanium cased, bombproof, rugged, outdoor, watch.

What kind of movement does the Citizen Promaster have?

This article will deal with these first. This watch is a black dial version, with a small diameter, featuring the Caliber 7878 movement. This is the JDM version with the Promaster symbol at the top beneath Citizen, and Eco-Drive in italics at bottom.