What was the name of the theme song from Miami Vice?

“Crockett’s Theme” is an instrumental song written for the hit NBC series Miami Vice. The surname Crockett refers to Don Johnson’s character, James “Sonny” Crockett.

Who did music for Miami Vice movie?

John Murphy
Miami Vice/Music composed by

Who sings in the air tonight in Miami Vice movie?

Phil Collins
It is a cover of the song of the same name by Phil Collins, originally released on the 1981 album Face Value. It appeared in the Miami Vice film….In the Air Tonight (Nonpoint Song)

In the Air Tonight
Featured in Episode Miami Vice film
Artist(s) Nonpoint
Top Chart Position (Hot 100) 97
Year Released 2004

Who wrote the theme song for Miami Vice?

Jan Hammer

How do you dress like Miami Vice?

To look like Sonny Crockett (played by Don Johnson) in the exotic 80s cop drama TV series, you basically need a pastel or white, Italian (Armani) suit or jacket, a pastel colored T-shirt or tank top (preferably with a loose, round neck), and some white loafers or slip-on sneakers – it’s essential to remain sockless!

Was Miami Vice filmed in Cuba?

The film was shot on location in the Caribbean, Uruguay, Paraguay (Ciudad del Este), and South Florida.

Who was the leak in Miami Vice movie?

It is his informant Alonzo Stevens, currently speeding across Miami in his car. He begs Crockett to look after his wife, and insists he gave up nothing on him and Tubbs before hanging up.

How many Phil Collins songs were in Miami Vice?

Aside from “Life Is a Rat Race”, his songs “In the Air Tonight” (in “Brother’s Keeper” and “A Bullet for Crockett”), “I Don’t Care Anymore” (in “No Exit”), “Take Me Home” (in “The Prodigal Son”) and “Long, Long Way to Go” (in “Sons and Lovers”) appeared in the show.

What movie has the song in the air tonight?

Risky Business
The song appeared as part of the soundtrack for the 1983 movie Risky Business and plays when Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay have sex on a subway train (the scene is like a music video in itself).

Why did Larry leave Miami Vice?

Mr. Diehl’s reasons for leaving ”Miami Vice” evoke a familiar dilemma for many actors: whether to stay with a lucrative television job that may be less than fulfilling artistically, or opt in favor of better creative opportunities and a drastic loss of income.