What was the most popular spring break destination for 2016?

TOP 10 SPRING BREAK DESTINATIONS 2016 This year, Florida accounts for 40 percent of the top Spring Break destinations, with Fort Myers and Tampa joining Orlando and Miami in the top ten rankings. The top three spots also remain consistent with repeat performances from Orlando, Cancun and Las Vegas.

What is the number 1 spring break destination?

1. Zion National Park, Utah. While most classic spring break destinations include Insta-worthy beaches, deep rumbles of EDM music, and loads of crowds, depending on the destination, of course, there is a destination that is perfect for rugged adventurers looking to ditch the crowds and get in touch with nature…

What is the most popular Mexican destination for spring break?

Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most popular spring break destinations due to its world-class hotels, authentic Mexican environment, and friendly people. Puerto Vallarta is more than a beautiful landscape and stunning views.

What is the most popular place to go on spring break?

Cancun has all the makings of a quintessential spring break getaway. Along with its white sand beaches and beautiful coastline, this Mexico city boasts numerous all-inclusive resorts with budget-friendly packages that cover drinks, meals and entertainment, plus a rollicking nightlife scene (don’t miss Coco Bongo).

Where do American students go for spring break?

The 3 most common spring break destinations today are Panama City, Florida, South Padre Island, Texas, and Cancun, Mexico. Panama City hosts more than 370,000 students each year, while South Padre Island has around 150,000 student visitors and Cancun about 100,000.

Is Cabo a popular spring break destination?

From Mango Deck to El Squid Roe, let this be your guide to the ultimate spring break. From darties to club rave’s, Cabo has it all, and is one of the most popular Spring Break destinations, so you know it’s gonna be #LIT.

What is the most popular spring break destination in the US?

1. Orlando, Florida. Orlando tops Kayak’s list as the number one most popular spring break destination in America this year, probably because the city offers something for every kind of spring breaker.

Where is hot and cheap in March?

A. The best short-haul options in March are the Canaries (20ºC) and Morocco (22ºC), but if you want real heat you should fly a little further to The Gambia (34ºC) or the Arabian Gulf (28ºC). It’s still high season in the Caribbean (30ºC), and also a good time for a city break in the southern Mediterranean.

Is Cancun popular for spring break?

Cancun is known as a top party destination in Mexico, which makes it perfect for spring break. The city always draws large crowds each year and is full of crazy and exciting times in March and April. Come here for fun-filled beaches and late-night clubs.

Is Cancun busy during spring break?

Weather in Cancun Room rates are higher this time of year, but not unattainable, especially if you book at least three months in advance. Instead of budget concerns, your biggest issue will be crowds. This is particularly the case in March and early April when Cancún becomes a hub of spring break activity.

How long does spring break last in Cancun?

about 2-3 months
The length of your Spring Break is most likely determined by your College or University. In Cancun Spring Break lasts about 2-3 months.

What are the best spring break hotels in Cancun?

The Oasis Cancun Lite by far provides the best Spring Break scene with over 600 rooms of Spring Breakers in the half of the hotel dedicated to Spring Break. The Oasis Cancun Lite is 100% all-inclusive.

What are the best party resorts in Cancun?

Cancun’s Hotel Zone area is the best place you can hope to find good entertainment. This is where tourists can book a room at the Oasis Cancun or the Krystal Punta Cancun hotels, both considered among the overall best party resorts in Cancun.

What are the best places to stay in Cancun Mexico?

The best places to stay in Cancun are the Playa Mujeres (newest resorts on pristine beaches), Riviera Cancun (great beaches, family attractions, and cenotes – located just south of Cancun), and the Hotel Zone.

Is the Grand Oasis in Cancun all inclusive?

The Grand Oasis Cancun is an all-inclusive, architectural landmark hotel located in the center of Cancun’s Hotel Zone. Designed in the shape of a pyramid, guests are met with a breathtaking 7-story skylight atrium lobby and a fabulous facilities, including the largest pool in Cancun. Eighteen dining venues, fourteen bar options,…