What vype flavours are there?

13 Amazing Flavors; Available in 1.6%.

  • Mango Wonder. Flavorful Tropical Mango.
  • Tobacco Marvel. Smooth Golden Tobacco.
  • Vanilla Medley. Smooth Vanilla w/ Cinnamon.
  • Polar Mint. Refreshing Mint Sensation.
  • Berry Blast. Blend of Dark Cherry & Red Fruit Notes.
  • Blood Orange.
  • Infused Cucumber.
  • Garden Strawberry.

What is the best vype Flavour?

Vype ePod vPro Tropical Mango Cartridges A list of the best Vype pod flavours would be incomplete without mentioning Tropical Mango. This product’s flavour profile packs a punch. Vype squeezed every drop of flavour out of a juicy mango to deliver an exotic cocktail taste with each inhale.

What happened to vype?

A leading vaping brand has been banned from promoting its products on public Instagram accounts after falling foul of a slew of advertising rules. Vype, owned by British American Tobacco (BAT), will have to keep its profile on private after breaking rules around using famous faces to advertise its devices.

Is VUSE same as vype?

Vype (Govype.ca) is becoming Vuse | Pen & E-Cigarette Shop. Vype is transforming to Vuse, an international brand new to Canada. Rest assured, Vuse pods are compatible with Vype devices & vice versa. Colourful new packaging for the flavours you know and love, with more new flavours launching soon!

How many cigarettes are in a vype cartridge?

20 cigarettes
Each Vype ePen 3 pod holds 2ml of e-liquid. This delivers over 200 puffs in laboratory testing, which is the equivalent of approximately 20 cigarettes.

What kind of juice is in vype pods?

Vuse pre-filled pods for the Vuse and Vype ePod vape kit. The juice is a nicotine salt e-liquid, delivering strong flavor and a smooth but satisfying throat hit. Mango is a refreshing blend of mango and tropical fruits.

Which is better Vype ePod or ePen?

We recommend the ePen for vapers who are always on-the-go, and the ePod for people who are never too far away from a charger. Vype have stated that both devices last for approximately 300 full charge cycles, which means that the choice between these two devices is entirely down to your personal vaping style.

What is better Juul or Vype?

The JUUL kit triumphs over the Vype ePen 3 for people who want a kit that is completely minimalistic. Its lack of buttons and draw-activated style means that it is perhaps one of the easiest pens to use on the market. The Vype kit is significantly cheaper than the JUUL, but it includes two more pods.

Can you still buy vype?

Absolutely! You can still buy your Vype ePen and Vype ePod, but they’re now called the Vuse ePen and Vuse ePod. They both have a wide selection of flavours and nicotine strengths; you can find out more about the available Vuse refills further down the page.

Why did vype change name?

Why is Vype Changing? Vuse is already an established brand in the United States, as Vype is in the UK. The goal of this rebrand is to unite both ranges into a single global brand, allowing for new ideas and product innovation across the board.

What is vype now called?

A new brand to explore.

Why did vype change to VUSE?