What tour was Justin Bieber on in 2013?

Believe Tour

End date December 8, 2013
Legs 7
No. of shows 155
Box office US$210 million ($233.31 million in 2020 dollars)
Justin Bieber concert chronology

How much is Justin Bieber paid for a concert?

According to Forbes, Bieber makes an estimated $1 million per night when he’s on tour. Considering that most tour legs stretch for days on end, Bieber brings in an eight-figure revenue during each tour. His debut tour, My World, brought in an estimated $53 million, per The Guardian—and it gets even better than that.

Why was Justin Bieber concert Cancelled?

Like other major music touring acts, Bieber canceled his concerts in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which has made gathering in large crowds risky. The singer’s website said the tour was postponed a second time due to COVID-19 restrictions varying by state.

How old was Justin Bieber on his Believe tour?

Tickets to the North American leg of Justin Bieber’s upcoming Believe tour sold out within an hour of going on sale Saturday. The 18-year-old singer’s AEG-backed trek will include 45 shows in the U.S. and Canada, starting in Arizona on September 29th and finishing up in Miami on January 26th.

How many dates does Justin Bieber have on his tour?

In light of the current public health crisis, Justin Bieber announces his rescheduled 2021 World Tour dates below. The 45-date tour has been rerouted and the tour production has been redesigned and will no longer be stopping in stadiums or all markets. 19 new arena dates have been added.

Who was on stage with Justin Bieber in Las Vegas?

During the performance in Las Vegas, Bieber was joined onstage by Usher to perform “Somebody to Love”. During the performance in Los Angeles, Bieber was joined onstage by Jaden Smith to perform “Never Say Never”. During the performance in Fresno, Bieber performed ” The Divided Sky “.

When was last time Justin Bieber played TD Garden?

This will mark almost the two year anniversary of the last time Bieber played the TD Garden on November 16th, 2010. For that concert ticket prices averaging $111.08, but with increased fame and such a large gap in shows, you can expect that price to be higher this time around.