What temp should my h100i be?

what were your temps on your old cooler? with a aio of that level, normal temps are usually at 23C~35C even on overclock. you can also try re-applying thermal paste by using an aftermarket one like anything like artic silver.

How hot does the i7 4770K get?

“Under heavy load with the i7 4770K at 4.6 GHz it hovers around 60 – 70 C and cools off to 25 -30 C as soon as the load is removed.”

Is 50 a good idle temp for cpu?

50C idle isn’t any more dangerous to a cpu than 80C is – in other words, not at all. It is still within the manufacturer’s specifications. 2)85C and lower is considered safe for everyday use for both cpu and gpu. If you are seeing that, then good.

What is a good idle temp for i7 9700k?

85-90°C is an indicator you should do something.

Is 71c too hot for CPU?

Honorable. 70-80c is normal range for a CPU under full load. Only worry about temps over 80c.

Is 50C too high for CPU?

Distinguished. When the processor is stressed out meaning that you are running heavy processor applications that take control of the CPU or uses it at 100% the temperature can go beyond 50C. It can reach 80C to 85C degrees and the processor will still be OK. The cooling fan is in charge to keep that temperature there.

IS 54 C too hot for CPU?

I’ve seen alot of people put a full tube on the cpu, you only a thin layer. 54c is well within the safe range if under full load.

How hot is too hot for i7 9700K?

Although most processors, including your i7 9700K Throttle at 100°C or 212°F (boiling point of water), it’s not advisable to run your CPU near it’s thermal limit, just as common sense tells you not to run a vehicle with the temperature gauge in the red zone.

How hot should a i7 9700 GET?

The Tjunction (throttle temperature effectively) for the 9700 is 100 degrees, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s “OK” to run up to that temperature. Ideally the CPU should be kept below 85 degrees.

Is 78 CPU temp bad?

Intel Master No, you do not need to disable Turbo Boost, since 78°C is not excessively high. Once again, here’s the nominal operating range for Core temperature: Core temperatures above 85°C are not recommended. Core temperatures below 80°C are ideal.

Is 71 CPU temp too high?

Room temperatures measuring around 22 to 24 degrees Celsius (71-75°F) is considered to be normal CPU temp. If the computer’s hardware operates at 10 degrees Celsius higher than the ambient level, it’s still considered safe enough.

What is a good CPU temp idle?

A good temperature for your desktop computer’s CPU is around 120℉ when idle, and under 175℉ when under stress. If you’re using a laptop, you should look for CPU temperatures between 140℉ and 190℉.