What seasons was Stamos on ER?

Dr. Anthony Gates is a fictional character on the television series ER who is portrayed by actor John Stamos. Stamos was first introduced in Season 12 making various appearances before becoming a series regular for Season 13.

Is Sarah Tony Gates daughter on ER?

Sarah Riley is Tony Gates’ adopted daughter after the overdose and death of her mother….Sarah Riley.

Key information
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Blonde
Status Alive
Family Tony Gates (Adoptive Father)

What happened to Sam and Gates on ER?

After Sam’s son, Alex was injured in a car accident, Gates and Sam’s relationship soured until Sam made the decision to move out despite Gates continuously apologizing for letting Alex go out on the night of the accident against Sam’s orders.

What episode is John Stamos in friends?

The One with the Donor
“Friends” The One with the Donor (TV Episode 2003) – John Stamos as Zack – IMDb.

Who is Rebecca Romijn married to?

Jerry O’Connellm. 2007
John Stamosm. 1998–2005
Rebecca Romijn/Spouse

When was Stamos born?

August 19, 1963 (age 58 years)
John Stamos/Date of birth

Born on August 19, 1963, in Cypress, California, Stamos is the son of Loretta (nee Phillips) and Bill, a restaurateur; Bill’s father, a Greek immigrant, changed the family’s surname from Stamatopolous to Stamos.

What happens with Curtis Ames on ER?

When Forest Whitaker Held Abby Hostage Curtis Ames (Whitaker) was a disgruntled patient of Luka’s who retaliates by holding Abby captive. Eventually, he shoots himself in front of Luka.

Who was Forest Whitaker on ER?

Curtis Ames
Forest Whitaker’s first appearance in his six episode stint as Curtis Ames, a former patient of Dr. Kovac that is suing him for malpractice.

Who does John Carter marry on ER?

Makemba Likasu
John Carter (ER)

John Carter
Spouse Makemba Likasu
Children Joshua Makalo Carter (son, with Makemba; stillborn)
Relatives John Carter Sr. (grandfather, deceased) Millicent “Gamma” Carter (grandmother, deceased) Chase Carter (cousin)
Born June 4, 1970

What happened to Richard Elliot on ER?

Tired and panicked from her ordeal, she contacts Richard Elliot, who gets her an attorney, and instructs Sam to tell everyone she was raped by Steve and later killed him in self-defense.

Who was the sperm donor in Friends?

John Stamos as Zack and Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing in the ‘Friends’ episode “The One With The Donor” (2003). Determined to have a baby with Monica, Chandler invites his coworker Zack (played by John Stamos) to dinner on season 9. Chandler’s goal? To see if Zack could be the couple’s potential sperm donor.

Who was John Stamos in Friends?


Year Title Role
2003 Friends Zack
2003 The Reagans John Sears
2005 The Andy Milonakis Show Himself
2005–06 Jake in Progress Jake Phillips

Where did the actor John Stamos come from?

Actor | Producer | Soundtrack. John Phillip Stamos was born in Cypress, California, to Loretta (Phillips), a model, and William Stamos, a restaurateur. His father was of Greek descent, with the family surname originally being “Stamotopoulos”.

When is John Stamos going to be on Fuller House?

Stamos was to play the lead role in ABC’s soap opera Members Only, but the network decided not to air the show. In April 2015, Stamos announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that the streaming service Netflix would be picking up Full House for a 13-episode sequel, titled Fuller House, to start airing on February 26, 2016.

When did John Stamos appear in the Oikos commercial?

Since 2011, Stamos has appeared in a series of commercials for Dannon’s Greek yogurt brand Oikos; including his first Super Bowl commercial which was aired during Super Bowl 2012. In February 2012, it was reported that Stamos would take on one of the lead roles on the new Fox drama Little Brother.

Who was dr.morgenstern in the TV show ER?

Frank knows who Morgenstern is, even though Morgenstern left County years before Frank started working there. Dr. David Morgenstern: I was pre-med, volunteering at the hospital when they made him chief in ’68. Back then, the ER was a glorified walk-in clinic, where you were seen by unsupervised interns, and residents with no training.